Our little Grayson has a few perches in the house that he loves to sit in. During each season he has different things to watch and he will use one perch more then others. Right now he loves this one as he can see many things. He has recently been enjoying the snow falling…


Watching the birds fly from the tree right below this window or the chickens in the yard.


And sometimes I am not sure what he is seeing, but it sure keeps his interest.


Its entertaining watching him be entertained by all the things he sees. It’s also cute to hear him make little noises with different things he sees and watch him sometimes try to go after something, only realizing he can’t get it when his paw swipes the glass pane of the window. I think he is calmest though when he watches the snow… but I can’t blame him that’s when I am calmest too 🙂

2 Comments on “Snow, Bird, whatever that was…

  1. He’s gotten so big! We have two cats in the house that spend the winter months moving from one sun-ray to another around the house. They enjoy the windowsill world also, but their favorite thing to do is nap in the sun 😊

    I never had cats as a child, but Matt and I have had them for 20 years. Their personalities bring joy to my days.

    Enjoy the snow! We have some too.


    • Yes he’s a thin but long cat. He has grown so much. I miss when he was only 2 lbs. Cats are so interesting to have in the house with dogs. Never a dull moment. Your right they do seek the sun rays sometimes the dogs fight him for the good sun rays.
      Hope your snow hasn’t caused any problems and is just pretty. Blessings.

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