Hello…light chick

Wanted to wish you all Happy Easter!

4 girls

Christ has risen and even our baby chicks are celebrating this beautiful day. Hope your Easter was blessed.

6 Comments on “Happy Easter 2017!

  1. Easter Blessings to you all. Chicks are looking delightful – the sign of new life and they will be a pleasure to watch them grow as you tell us in your blogs.

    • Thank you. Yes they are a great sign of life and fun to have at Easter. Hope you had a joyous day. I’ll keep posting about them as they grow.

  2. Hey! I am looking for a chicken run to enclose our coop to protect the girls. I came across yours and I’m in love with it! Do you have plans for it that you could pass on to me? Dimensions, tips, etc. Let me know! Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica,
      I don’t have any plans, I just drew it up. But if you give me a day or so I will get you the dimensions and materials we used so you can try to replicate it. I need to talk to hubby to make sure I tell you right on the materials. I know we built it 8ft tall, 16 ft long, and 8ft wide so there is plenty of space to hang heat lamps and such in the winter. I’ll be happy to share Thanks for asking. 🙂

      • Glad to help. I have some of the materials written down, but then it has been raining for days, so I haven’t gotten out to stand out there for any time to finishing checking out the other materials and dimensions and I want to be able to tell you as much as possible. So bare with me until this rain and storms let up. I will get it to you ASAP. Thanks 🙂

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