There is an older couple we have known in our church for a long time now. They have their own business “The Car Badge Maker of Choice”, which is really neat and I never thought to blog about before. Before this virus hit our country I was over there helping them. Finally after all this time I got to look through all the badges, burgee’s, coins, etc he makes. These are not normal badges like police badges.


What is the badge then you may ask. It is usually for a car/vehicle club and it is a metal emblem they put on the fronts of their car/vehicle to show they are part of a certain club. He has made badges for so many clubs all over the world and his most famous so far is the one he made for the Queen of England (see photo of it below).


It is really neat to see all the different car clubs all over the world and how each badge is so different. He also makes burgee’s for boat clubs and they are pretty neat as well.

Burgee gold staff centered

He has all of these badges made custom to the customers specifications and design. He can pretty much get anything done. He has also done medals and special coins for clubs and churches as well. Our church had him design and make a coin a couple years ago for us to give out to first responders during 9-11 remembrance. So if you know of anyone who has or is in a car club, church, boat club, etc. and might want these cool things let me know by posting a comment, e-mailing me, or visiting his web site at

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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