I blinked and it is already fall. I don’t know what it is… being so busy, this virus throwing things a little wonky, or just the fact that every year seems to go by faster and faster… but a friend of mine texted me today to say Happy First Day of Fall and I was like “whoa it is already fall”! How did that happen it was just the start of summer.

Some of the things keeping us busy right now are a new batch of chickens.

They are a little over 2 months old now and finally finished their ugly molt from baby to more mature feathers. They are one of the best batches we have had. They are quick learners, friendly, and feisty in a good way. We got 2 Rhode islands, 2 Golden Comets, and 3 Isa Browns. They are so much fun.

Here they are still in the ‘ugly molt’ a couple weeks ago.

Baxter had a little fall and hurt his hip on top of his arthritis getting worse in his back end. So he was at the vet getting looked over a couple weeks ago and put on some new meds. (which PTL seem to be finally helping). If you have animals especially more then one you know they keep you busy.

The garden has been growing crazy recently so harvesting and care of that has taken up some time.

I’m not complaining as the tomatoes are in abundance and I have extra to give away to friends, neighbors, and family.


Oh and so much more, but I won’t bore you with all that. Chase says hello to our blogging community…

Anyways I just wanted to post tonight to say… Happy Fall Ya’ll ! Hope it is a beautiful one for you.

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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