2020 went by so fast… I feel like I have gotten nothing done, but when I look back I see how much I have done. I can see my house is more organized and cleaned, I connected more with friends and family even if that was mostly at a distance, I got in more exercise and my boys got more walks, I got to have a garden again, I got more chickens to care for and their coop got organized again, working from home helped me to keep up with chores better, I got rid of a lot of things I have been meaning to for a while, and many more things. So I guess despite things I could say I had some success this year.

When I was younger my dad used to tell me that each year would go by faster and faster. I believed him then and I really believe him now. I feel like in 2020 it was especially true, but considering the year we have had maybe that is a blessing in disguise. I hope despite it all you can find some blessing in 2020 that you had too. If so let me know what they were below. Lets take something positive into 2021!

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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