Since it’s been nice enough a few days a week here I’ve been trying to get the house aired out from the winter. In a couple of my windows if they are open you are sure to find this guy in them.

Grayson loves the outside and we often have to watch for him or he will try to escape through a door were opening. But as weather permits we love to open his favorite windows and let him have some outdoor time in them, with a screen to keep him safely inside. Yesterday when I took this picture he was busy watching the birds come to and past our rose bush. I love the little sounds he makes when he’s excited about the birds he sees. We’ve been tempted to get him one of those boxes you put in the window and it’s like a sunroom that sticks out the window and the cat can go into it and sit. I’m sure most cats would love it. Happy Wednesday!

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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