My garden is finally starting to give me some goodies…

My cherry tomatoes and banana peppers have given me a few so far…

I also have some big peppers coming in…

And some big tomatoes as well…

The tomato plants are getting so big and they are growing out of my raised beds…

I love my new raised beds hubby and I made out of old palettes. They were fun to make and they are doing so good. I also love I don’t have to bend over too much to get things. The best part is the bunnies and escaped chickens can’t get in them. Also the bugs aren’t as bad in them. My only issue so far is ants that get in and crawl on the dirt, but they didn’t do any damage so far.

I love these orange cherry tomatoes I’m growing this year. My mom and step dad started them from seeds. They are sweet and really enjoyable to eat.

I also finally have some cucumbers 🥒 coming in. Now that I know my raised beds do so well I’m planning to build another for next year to do more planting.

I am looking forward to more bounty from my growing garden. Any of you out in blog land getting any goodies from your garden? Comment below on what your growing.

2 Comments on “Summer Garden

    • Thank you so much! We love summer veggies as well. Got some more tomatoes this morning. Well be great on a salad for lunch.

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