I love the late spring, summer, and fall for a reason… growing and harvesting fresh produce. Whether it is in our own garden or going to support a small farm. While not everyone can do this we feel blessed we can. Yesterday we took a day trip to a new farm to pick peaches, nectarines, and apples. We visited Baugher’s in Westminster, MD. They have pick your own and a market.

It was so much fun as included in the purchase of a bag to do your picking you get a ride behind the tractor on a trailer. My dad has given me his old tractor long ago and we love it, so I always enjoy these tractor rides at the farms.

We love to just wander the rows of trees to find just the right fruit for us to pick. Wandering is half the fun.

These orchard are so much fun for young and old. Many like Baugher’s have places for the kids to play, animal area for the kids to pet and see farm animals, big slides, and other activities. For adults the orchard are beautiful to just walk around in and see the wonderful things God has made.

We ended up with a decent amount of fruit for the size bag we got and it would have cost more in the grocery store for this many pieces of fruit. Plus we got the tractor ride and fun of picking it ourselves.

I also mentioned many orchards have other things to do and this one has a great market to shop in. We picked up some Apple Cider as it didn’t have any added sugar or anything is just good old apples juice pasteurized. Plus a kind of onion we had never herd of and a couple other goodies.

So before the harvest seasons are over and winter comes check out a pick your own orchard near you if you have one. Let me know if you go and which one near you that you like. Enjoy!

2 Comments on “Picking Time

  1. I’m right there with you girl!!! Our orchard is full of apples and the late peaches are just about ready. I told hubby this morning that cider season is almost here and the grape vines are loaded too. That will top off the cellar with more canned peaches, apple juice and grape juice! The freezer will be full of applesauce and venison season begins in October!! I have a new bow to fill the jars with venison and steak and more burger in the freezer.

    • Oh that sounds wonderful! 😁 I have been making salsa and hope to get some canned this week. Going to cut up some peaches to freeze for this winter to use in pies, cobblers, and other things. I hadn’t thought of applesauce yet I’ll have to go back to the orchard and get some more apples. I hadn’t ever put it in the freezer, does that work well when you thaw it? I’ve only canned it. Do you freeze it in bags or what? Sounds like you all are going to have a ton of goodies for the winter.

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