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I can remember where I was and what the days, weeks, and months were like after. I still have an emotional reaction when I really think about this time. I pray for these families that were forever affected. Its sad to me so many kids and young people I talk to today don’t know what this day is, or what happened, and are so disconnected to how these events affected our country. This isn’t taught in our schools in so many places and there is a disconnect with those of us who experienced it and those who did not. I hope that those of us who did go through this can be an encouragement for those who did not to learn about this day, how it affected out country and the people of this country, and be respectful of those who gave their lives on this day and the days following to prevent further attacks, rescue those in danger, and protect our country. So for those who gave their life in any form to protect, rescue, or support… from my family to yours thank you! We remember!

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