I’ve never been a coffee drinker. My parents never drank it growing up and I never had much exposure to trying it. When I did it wasn’t for me. But I’ve always enjoyed the smell of coffee. How each kind of coffee has the basic same base but the aromas are different. My husband has always been a coffee drinker. He’s the first person I can remember that drinks a cup (or sometimes two) pretty much daily. I’ve always tried the coffees he has, but never liked them.

That all changed a couple months ago. For some reason an iced coffee he got made me want to try to figure out how to make a good cup of sugar free ice coffee. I’m not a big sweet person and try to avoid sugar in any form a much as I can. But sometimes I give in and have something especially since I’ve been more tired then normal. So after much trial I have a homemade version I like. I found a sugar free caramel flavoring and use some half and half. I have a couple mild coffees that aren’t too strong so I use those. Now I make a small pitcher of the coffee, flavoring, and half and half and drink it a couple times a week.

My favorite place to have a glass is on the front porch with the boys, watching the word go by… well what little I see from the front porch. If I have a good book or vlog to keep me company all the better. I love it in my Mason jar with a little ice, pretty lid, and straw. Any of you ice coffee drinker? Any tips or ideas for a good ice coffee?

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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