Our baby chick’s are officially out in the coop with the big girls. They have their own space in the coop and are protected from the big girls,  but can see, hear,  and somewhat interact with each other.

Before the big move the coop was cleaned and the babies spent some more time outside. 

This was the closest the babies have been to the big girls and the big girls are were quite interested in the babies.

They would come over investigate and some like this one would hang around a while.

She seemed the most interested in getting to know these new chick’s. She came back time after time and if she herd them chirping too much she would run over.

The babies seemed comfortable and interested in the big girls as well, so hopefully this will mean another smooth transition when they are finally together with no barriers. Any of you have any baby chick’s getting big fast on you?

What do you think? I would love to hear from you :)

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