It’s been a rough year for so many and our family is no different. It’s been the worst year with so much loss, health issues, and all I just hope things turn around soon. Yet we found a little good to end our year with.

Meet our new baby Cooper!

He’s only been home a week and a couple days and he already fits in and all the animals have adjusted to each other.

He loves to play in the morning, then takes a nap in my lap, then plays some more till after dinner, then take another nap, before play time, and then bed time. He’s a big cuddle bug and lap cat when he’s sleeping and resting. When he’s awake he loves to play by himself or with us. He and Grayson also play pretty well together now. Chase and he get along and Baxter is so old now, he doesn’t care as long as Cooper stays away from his food.

He loves to follow me around and if he can’t see or hear me he has this little “mew” he does, he’s not meowing yet. He’s such a love. He’s a bright spot this year with our other boys. These animals have kept us going and feeling loved. ❤️ Just wanted to introduce you to our new little Cooper. His story and how we got him is to come. So stay tuned…

5 Comments on “Early Christmas Gift

    • Thank you we are in love with him. Hubby named him after this show he watches from Australia and the place is called Cooper Peedy so that’s how he got his name. I’m just glad the dogs and Grayson our first cat have accepted him and they are getting along. I wasn’t worried about the boys, but Grayson I was but it is going well. Hope you are well. Merry Christmas!

      • Merry Christmas ladybug, and a very happy and prosperous New Year!! I’ve started a new blog this month and it’s . Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

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