Our new kitten is growing, healthy, and totally adjusted to his forever home. All the boys have adjusted to him being here, and the animal family is complete for now. Cooper has brought us the joy that we really needed after the terrible year we had last year. He’s the bright spot we all needed.

He is a snuggle bug, but when it’s play time, he is a playful one. Even the dogs and Grayson watch him zoom here and there, play with his toys, and jump in any bag he can find. We built him a tunnel maze with Christmas boxes in the basement. Even Grayson plays in that with him. Tonight, he’s warm and cozy in my lap. I hope wherever you are that you are warm and cozy as well. Sending out good wishes for 2023!

13 Comments on “Warm and Cozy 2023

      • That’s so sad. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope the one you still have can bring you some comfort. My mom lost both of hers last year, and I know that was hard on her. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.

      • That’s good. He’s in heaven now waiting on you. We have an old dog you may have seen on the blog he’s 14 now and slowly declining, but still doing okay. We take him for Accupunture to keep him more comfortable. But I’m not looking forward to when we have to decide for him. It’s hard to loose them, but when they are out of pain it is better for them.

      • I took my 13.5 year old Puppy Girl to the vet for blood work, yesterday. She’s in great shape except for teeth and eyes. One thing they can do for arthritis now is laser treatment. You might ask your vet about it. I don’t know much, but there were signs in the office and I asked what they used it for. They will laser Puppy’s mouth after surgery to help it heal faster. I used to have laser treatments to promote collegen. I can’t say whether or not it worked. I still aged plenty fast, LOL.

      • I’ll ask. Not sure where I live if they will offer that but can’t hurt to ask. Thanks for the idea.

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