The Trees…

I thought I would share with you some of the trees that are blooming in our yard now. The road we live on has a few beautiful trees on it, but people always seem to stop out from our house and take pictures of our trees every year.

Our fullest tree is this cherry blossom… we love the color and abundance of the blossoms.

Next is our red bud tree. It got struck by lightening a few years ago that split it so we’ve been trying to save it ever since. Our neighbors tell us when they come by they are glad we are trying as they love this tree. It’s not as full of blossoms as it used to be, but there are new limbs and flowers coming out this year.

Our Japanese Maple is a favorite as well. At certain points in the season it’s so bright red it almost looks on fire.

We also have two Dogwood trees that are so pretty when they bloom. A storm this winter with really bad wind destroyed both of them. One so much we thought we might loose it all together. But it’s blooming so hopefully it will heal and grow back more.

We have more trees on the property but the ones in the front are my favorite and I think the prettiest. Do you have a favorite tree this time of year?

A good day to drive…

We love to take Saturday drives. We sometimes only go a little ways away and other times we go a few hours away. We find a new town we like to visit now about an hour from our house.

The boys love to ride with us and we always find a park to walk them in. Chase loves to ride like the picture above. He just is so content to sit there and watch things go by. Such a sweetie. Love both the our boys. Hope your having a content Saturday.

A Day to Be Greatful

It was a beautiful day here for Thanksgiving… a very nice fall day. I hope whoever you are out there reading this that you got a beautiful day too.

We started the day off with a really good crandberry breakfast cake and hashbrown casaroll.

After watching the parade my mom, the boys, and I watched hubby and my step dad from the porch deep fry our turkey. We had already made the sides yesterday so they just needed to be warmed up today.

After lunch we took a walk and in a bit we will have dessert… chocolate and pumpkin pie. Tonight we plan to do a bonfire. What a great day to reflect on all the blessings the Lord has given us. I hope you feel blessed today and find what you are greatful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember or learn about it…20 yrs later

Image result for free 9-11 pics

I can remember where I was and what the days, weeks, and months were like after. I still have an emotional reaction when I really think about this time. I pray for these families that were forever affected. Its sad to me so many kids and young people I talk to today don’t know what this day is, or what happened, and are so disconnected to how these events affected our country. This isn’t taught in our schools in so many places and there is a disconnect with those of us who experienced it and those who did not. I hope that those of us who did go through this can be an encouragement for those who did not to learn about this day, how it affected out country and the people of this country, and be respectful of those who gave their lives on this day and the days following to prevent further attacks, rescue those in danger, and protect our country. So for those who gave their life in any form to protect, rescue, or support… from my family to yours thank you! We remember!

Summer Tomato Feta Pasta

I have been looking for ways to use some of my garden tomatoes in ways I hadn’t before.  I’ve been lucky to get so many this year I’ve already frozen a bunch,  but I also want to use some fresh right now. I saw a recipe for a dish similar to this somewhere,  but I couldn’t find it so I just did what I remembered and added my own spin as usual. 

You will need:

  • Feta cheese block
  • Pasta (I used chick pea pasta)
  • S&P, garlic, Italian seasoning
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  • Cherry tomatoes or regular tomatoes chopped ( I used my garden orange cherry tomatoes and also my little red garden tomatoes)

To start boil your water for the pasta.  Set your oven to 400*.

Next I sprayed my banking pan with EVOO  put the feta in the middle and surrounded that with the Cherry tomatoes and other tomatoes.

I then added the seasonings and EVOO. I did this to taste for us. Then I baked it for 30-35 minutes until the tomatoes and feta are soft. (I cook my pasta the last 15ish minutes this is baking and drain the pasta once done) Pull the cheese and tomatos out and mix and smash it together.  I used a wooden spoon to do this.

Doesn’t look like much but wait till you taste it. 

Add the cooked pasta.

Mix in the pasta gently. Make sure to coat all the pasta.

I serve it with a little parmesan cheese on top. 


We also thought it would be good to add ground sausage, artichokes, shrimp,  or anything you might like. I like it just the way it was.   

Let me know how you like it 😁

Blue Sunset

This was the sky as I was putting the chickens up tonight and it was so pretty I thought I would share.

I hope you enjoy and it ends your Monday right 😊 Have a blessed week!

Picking Time

I love the late spring, summer, and fall for a reason… growing and harvesting fresh produce. Whether it is in our own garden or going to support a small farm. While not everyone can do this we feel blessed we can. Yesterday we took a day trip to a new farm to pick peaches, nectarines, and apples. We visited Baugher’s in Westminster, MD. They have pick your own and a market.

It was so much fun as included in the purchase of a bag to do your picking you get a ride behind the tractor on a trailer. My dad has given me his old tractor long ago and we love it, so I always enjoy these tractor rides at the farms.

We love to just wander the rows of trees to find just the right fruit for us to pick. Wandering is half the fun.

These orchard are so much fun for young and old. Many like Baugher’s have places for the kids to play, animal area for the kids to pet and see farm animals, big slides, and other activities. For adults the orchard are beautiful to just walk around in and see the wonderful things God has made.

We ended up with a decent amount of fruit for the size bag we got and it would have cost more in the grocery store for this many pieces of fruit. Plus we got the tractor ride and fun of picking it ourselves.

I also mentioned many orchards have other things to do and this one has a great market to shop in. We picked up some Apple Cider as it didn’t have any added sugar or anything is just good old apples juice pasteurized. Plus a kind of onion we had never herd of and a couple other goodies.

So before the harvest seasons are over and winter comes check out a pick your own orchard near you if you have one. Let me know if you go and which one near you that you like. Enjoy!

Thursday Adventure

After dropping hubby off at work this morning Chase and I went on a little adventure. I knew it was going to be hot today probably the hottest day this summer, so I wanted to get our walk in before it got too bad. Hubby and I found a new park and took Chase already once. I can pass it on the way home from hubby’s work so we went that way and went for a walk there. It was a fun little outing with Chase today. Baxter can’t do these walks anymore so he chilled at home with a treat. Now they are both snoozing. Have a great day!

11 Year Birthday

I realized today is our Chase’s 11th birthday…

We got this cutie when he was just at 3 months old and he’s been by my side ever since. He’s my buddy and follows me everywhere. Especially since I’ve been working primarily from home with Covid. He’s loves to sit at my feet while I work and he really enjoys the extra walks and outside time during the day.

He is a sweet boy, loves his brother Baxter, enjoys treats, but loves attention the most. He would love my 24/7 undivided attention and petting. He plays with his toys all the time especially his dog toy my mom gave him and loves squeaking toys. He listens pretty good and is a great farm dog. He’s good around farm animals and is a good protector of our chickens. He loves to be out helping when your fixing things, cleaning the coop, mowing, etc.

We’re so blessed to have this guy as part of the family. Chase Mom and Dad love you!

Summer Garden Tomato, Onion, Avacado Salad

My garden is starting to come in and I’m trying to find uses for all my baby orange tomatoes. So a couple nights ago I made this…

It’s my garden tomatoes with onion and avacado in a little light vinaigrette.

You’ll need:

  • Some kind of cherry tomatoes (I used some from my garden but if your buying from the store it will be a whole square package)
  • 1/2 a Medium Onion
  • 1 Avacado
  • Viniger of your choice (I used Sweet Apple Viniger and Peach Viniger)
  • EVOO
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder

To make:

  • Cut cherry tomatoes in half and place in a bowl
  • Cut onion into small chunks or piece add to the bowl with the tomatoes
  • Add seasoning (salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder to taste)
  • Add Viniger (I used about 4tbsp of each but I just eye ball it. I want it to cover about 1/2 the mixture for it to soak in.)
  • Mix this up then add about 2tbsp EVOO and mix again
  • Let sit in fridge about 30 minutes to 24hrs (I made this the night before for dinner the next night)
  • Right before serving dice up the avacado and mix that in gently to not mash up the pieces
  • Serve as a side, on lettuce, or on its own. Makes a great lunch. Enjoy!

Beautiful Evening

Last night Chase and I were out waking and saw this…

So I wanted to share this pretty sunset with you all so maybe if your out there and need a smile this will put one on your face.


Summer Garden

My garden is finally starting to give me some goodies…

My cherry tomatoes and banana peppers have given me a few so far…

I also have some big peppers coming in…

And some big tomatoes as well…

The tomato plants are getting so big and they are growing out of my raised beds…

I love my new raised beds hubby and I made out of old palettes. They were fun to make and they are doing so good. I also love I don’t have to bend over too much to get things. The best part is the bunnies and escaped chickens can’t get in them. Also the bugs aren’t as bad in them. My only issue so far is ants that get in and crawl on the dirt, but they didn’t do any damage so far.

I love these orange cherry tomatoes I’m growing this year. My mom and step dad started them from seeds. They are sweet and really enjoyable to eat.

I also finally have some cucumbers 🥒 coming in. Now that I know my raised beds do so well I’m planning to build another for next year to do more planting.

I am looking forward to more bounty from my growing garden. Any of you out in blog land getting any goodies from your garden? Comment below on what your growing.