Baxter and Chase wanted to wish everyone a belated Happy 4th of July!

Remembering the true meaning of this holiday and all the men and women who fought and continue to fight for our independence, welfare and freedom. From my family to yours Thank You!

We hope you and your family had a safe and enjoyable day yesterday and if your one of the lucky ones to have today off… we hope you are enjoying that as well. Happy 4th!

Sunny Day Walk

It was a beautiful morning for a walk. Baxter has made strides in his recovery and can walk a little further every few weeks. We have a routine now for his walk and he seems to love it.

Chase loves this walk as well and enjoys all the bunny holes and other critter holes we come across. There is a family of deer we see when we walk in the evening. They know us now and hardly look up since they know we won’t bother them.

Even with the hotter weather if we walk earlier or later in the day it is still cool enough for the boys. I love seeing them smile and have fun smelling and exploring.

Open window

Since it’s been nice enough a few days a week here I’ve been trying to get the house aired out from the winter. In a couple of my windows if they are open you are sure to find this guy in them.

Grayson loves the outside and we often have to watch for him or he will try to escape through a door were opening. But as weather permits we love to open his favorite windows and let him have some outdoor time in them, with a screen to keep him safely inside. Yesterday when I took this picture he was busy watching the birds come to and past our rose bush. I love the little sounds he makes when he’s excited about the birds he sees. We’ve been tempted to get him one of those boxes you put in the window and it’s like a sunroom that sticks out the window and the cat can go into it and sit. I’m sure most cats would love it. Happy Wednesday!

Spring walk

It’s been getting nice some days here and other days the wind and cold return. Yesterday it was nice enough to get the boys out for a short walk. Baxter is doing a little better and wants to be out more so we’re taking it slow, but so far so good. Chase is his usual happy wanting to go, go, go self.

He found this rock to wait for us on. He’s so good posing for photos most of the time. So glad it’s starting to be more like spring. 🌼

Old guy…

Our lab mix has been getting acupuncture for a few weeks now and has gotten well enough, along with finishing his meds, that the acupuncture is moved to every other week.  I would recommend trying acupuncture on your dog if he has any pain,  hip,  joint,  or spine issues. It really seems to help. It’s not necessarily a cure, but makes our dog more comfortable.  Baxter is moving easier, still has trouble getting up and down,  but overall better. 

He spends most of his days hanging out and sleeping.  Since it’s been nicer weather he’s been hanging out on the front porch more watching the animals and things go by. He doesn’t mind his harness and wears it all day in case he needs to go out we don’t have to bug him taking it on and off.  We take it off at night and if we are going to be out of the house for more then an hour or so.  It seems to make him feel secure and it is cute on him. Chase has been a good brother and been by his side through all this.  Chase has to be with him when he goes outside and comes in. He’s always checking on Baxter.  It’s really sweet. Got to love a senior dog and his brother. 


It finally is starting to feel more like spring. Even though we like our winter walks when less people are out, we really enjoy spring ones where we can explore and see all the buds of spring. One place we like to hike is down by the river.

Our Chase loves to walk in the river and go from rock to rock exploring. He and hubby like to look for the fish in the river and see if they can find any to identify.

This time there were no fish to be seen, but we had a great time anyways. He got his feet wet for the first time this spring and got out some of his energy. So glad it’s warming up here. I hope it’s getting nicer where you are as well. Anyone got any favorite spring hiking or river spots?

Finally a little spring…

It’s been a long winter for everyone I think. With snow places it’s never been, or not in a long time, more snow then other areas are used to… for us the wind the last couple years is getting worse and that on top of the snow and cold just makes it miserable. But there it hope on the horizon…

At least for us there are finally signs of spring. Along with this has been a little warm up in temperatures and more sun. We are all loving this at our place as it makes you want to get outside more and it’s more enjoyable to get your exercise.

Baxter still isn’t well enough to go on walks with us, but Chase and I are enjoying going on longer walks more frequently. While we’re out Baxter usually gets a special treat like peanut butter in a bone or Kong to lick out. He gets his special treat while Chase is enjoying his treat of solo walks. It took Chase a couple walks to get used to being alone, he would look for Baxter. But now he’s used to it and loves it. He does a little prance and his tail is up and wagging the whole way. Needless to say we’re all enjoying the promise of spring. Hope you are as well. 🌼

Trouble with age

The trouble with age is along with it, as we all know, comes more ailments. Our 12 yo lab mix is not doing well. A couple Wednesdays ago he stopped being able to get up and walk. He had been having hip arthritis issues and slips if he’s not careful. So off to the vet we went. Turns out he has a herniated disc in his L spine and some spinal stenosis going on now.

We were so worried and didn’t know what to do he was so bad. We had to help him in and out (really carry him) and it was next to impossible for me to do myself. I made it work but it was rough. Luckily the first few days hubby was home to help due to a ice snow storm and the weekend. We decided to give it a go and do all the treatments we could to help him. So he was put on meds and we started acupuncture. So far so good. He’s showing improvement.

It would have been much harder had we not ordered a good harness that helped us hold up his back and front end at the same time and the one we got works well. I can use it on my own easily. It’s really helpful to get him up and up and down his ramps, no steps for this boy in over a year now. He’s able to mostly get up on his own the lay few days and walking better. He’s still got a ways to go and we will have to use the meds a while longer and probably the acupuncture the rest of his life to help him be comfortable, but if he can have a good quality of life we want him around a while longer. He’s our boy and we love him.

Valentines fondue

My parents were here for valentines helping us paint. After painting the living room, kitchen/ dining, and hallway over two days, we were exhausted. But it was valentines day so we had to celebrate. Our plan fondue…

So it was cheese and beef fondue time for the main course… with plenty of dipping options. It was so delicious and we were all happy after. Even the boys got a few carrots and a little of the other dippers for their treat. But what is fondue without…

Chocolate fondue… with appropriate dippers of course. By dessert time we were all stuffed, but after a little break there is always room for chocolate. It was a dark chocolate fondue which is our favorite. A great valentines dinner and dessert for sure.

What did you do for valentines? Anyone else make fondue?

The chair stealer…

When ever hubby leaves his chair this guy takes over immediately. And he’s not fond when hubby comes back and wants his chair back. He can give quite a look.

Every night after hubby goes to bed Grayson claims the chair until its time to go to bed. He’s a funny guy.

It started to snow here again. Who knows how much we will get or how much ice will be with it. Hopefully not much.

Baby its cold outside…

It snowed again this morning. When I got up it had already started. For our area we have had more snow, but in the last 5-10 years this is a lot in a row. Last week it snowed for 3-4 days in a row, but luckily this was a short lived storm and only lasted till lunch time. Supposed to have more later this week… we shall see.

We took the boys on a snow walk while the big flakes were falling. With Baxter’s hip issues we have to walk slow and only go so far. But he loves to still go for walks when we let him (or he can) and today was special because hubby was home to go with us. Over all a good walk and a good time. Tonight though the wind came a little more and it is FREEZING! I am not a fan of bone chilling cold. On the bright side, I have snow with my cold, no fun without at least getting some snow out of colder temps. Any snow where you are? I herd many places were snowy today. Send me a shout out from where you are that got snow.

Brotherly Love

Our boys are very attached to each other. Chase especially with Baxter. Often if Baxter goes in another room for too long or Chase goes out with out Baxter, Chase will go looking for him. Baxter is a little more independent, but once in a while you’ll see him wanting to be close to Chase. Like the other day. Chase was laying on the carpet for a while and Baxter got up and when we looked again we saw this…

They are so sweet together. Like when Chase will get up and let Baxter have his spot on the bed or wait for him to come in or out a door before he goes through. They love to sleep touching each other and at night won’t sleep unless they are on the same bed. We can learn so many things from our pets. What are some lessons you’ve learned from your fur babies? I’d love to hear from you.