Valentines fondue

My parents were here for valentines helping us paint. After painting the living room, kitchen/ dining, and hallway over two days, we were exhausted. But it was valentines day so we had to celebrate. Our plan fondue…

So it was cheese and beef fondue time for the main course… with plenty of dipping options. It was so delicious and we were all happy after. Even the boys got a few carrots and a little of the other dippers for their treat. But what is fondue without…

Chocolate fondue… with appropriate dippers of course. By dessert time we were all stuffed, but after a little break there is always room for chocolate. It was a dark chocolate fondue which is our favorite. A great valentines dinner and dessert for sure.

What did you do for valentines? Anyone else make fondue?

The chair stealer…

When ever hubby leaves his chair this guy takes over immediately. And he’s not fond when hubby comes back and wants his chair back. He can give quite a look.

Every night after hubby goes to bed Grayson claims the chair until its time to go to bed. He’s a funny guy.

It started to snow here again. Who knows how much we will get or how much ice will be with it. Hopefully not much.

Baby its cold outside…

It snowed again this morning. When I got up it had already started. For our area we have had more snow, but in the last 5-10 years this is a lot in a row. Last week it snowed for 3-4 days in a row, but luckily this was a short lived storm and only lasted till lunch time. Supposed to have more later this week… we shall see.

We took the boys on a snow walk while the big flakes were falling. With Baxter’s hip issues we have to walk slow and only go so far. But he loves to still go for walks when we let him (or he can) and today was special because hubby was home to go with us. Over all a good walk and a good time. Tonight though the wind came a little more and it is FREEZING! I am not a fan of bone chilling cold. On the bright side, I have snow with my cold, no fun without at least getting some snow out of colder temps. Any snow where you are? I herd many places were snowy today. Send me a shout out from where you are that got snow.

Brotherly Love

Our boys are very attached to each other. Chase especially with Baxter. Often if Baxter goes in another room for too long or Chase goes out with out Baxter, Chase will go looking for him. Baxter is a little more independent, but once in a while you’ll see him wanting to be close to Chase. Like the other day. Chase was laying on the carpet for a while and Baxter got up and when we looked again we saw this…

They are so sweet together. Like when Chase will get up and let Baxter have his spot on the bed or wait for him to come in or out a door before he goes through. They love to sleep touching each other and at night won’t sleep unless they are on the same bed. We can learn so many things from our pets. What are some lessons you’ve learned from your fur babies? I’d love to hear from you.

Sleepy Time

The wind finally calmed down which allowed the boys and I go on a nice longer walk. When we got home they got their dinner and this is how they have looked since then…

I think I wore them out. Even Grayson got in on the action (or lack there of) and he didn’t even go for a walk.

I guess my play time with him earlier tuckered him out. Sometimes I wish I could sleep as well and much as all my boys do. I do enjoy watching them sleep peacefully. It’s calming in a way. Any of you know what I mean?

Hope you all are warm and safe this cold night. Sweet dreams from my boys!

Happy Blessing Boys!

Thinking of Christmas and things that were different and the same for Christmas 2020. One thing that never changes is our boys smiles at Christmas time when were are all together…

They love watching the paper come off presents, seeing what is inside, the food treats they get, sniffing the gifts for them, getting a new toy, or just a different atmosphere for the day I think makes them happy.

And we sure do love seeing them smile. 🙂 It’s a blessing and something we try to look for in all this craziness… the consistent blessings and our boys smiles are one of them.


2020 went by so fast… I feel like I have gotten nothing done, but when I look back I see how much I have done. I can see my house is more organized and cleaned, I connected more with friends and family even if that was mostly at a distance, I got in more exercise and my boys got more walks, I got to have a garden again, I got more chickens to care for and their coop got organized again, working from home helped me to keep up with chores better, I got rid of a lot of things I have been meaning to for a while, and many more things. So I guess despite things I could say I had some success this year.

When I was younger my dad used to tell me that each year would go by faster and faster. I believed him then and I really believe him now. I feel like in 2020 it was especially true, but considering the year we have had maybe that is a blessing in disguise. I hope despite it all you can find some blessing in 2020 that you had too. If so let me know what they were below. Lets take something positive into 2021!

Quiet New Years Eve

Going into 2021 much like we did 2020… quiet and chilling.

Hope you had a blessed CHRISTmas and are having a peaceful and happy new year eve!

Winter Walk

One thing we love to do when it gets cold is go on hikes with the boys. Baxter is getting older now and can’t go far and we haven’t done much hiking this year with everything, but today after church we had a chance to.

The boys enjoying the mountain.

The boys really love exploring and being out. Despite Baxter’s limitations and the cold, we all had a good time and will sleep good tonight. It was a nice thing to do today and made the boys very happy.

Hope you had a good Sunday and have a great week everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve

Just a cute picture of the boys for you this cold Christmas eve…

Hope you are safe and warm. Merry CHRISTmas!

Surprise It’s Fall!

I blinked and it is already fall. I don’t know what it is… being so busy, this virus throwing things a little wonky, or just the fact that every year seems to go by faster and faster… but a friend of mine texted me today to say Happy First Day of Fall and I was like “whoa it is already fall”! How did that happen it was just the start of summer.

Some of the things keeping us busy right now are a new batch of chickens.

They are a little over 2 months old now and finally finished their ugly molt from baby to more mature feathers. They are one of the best batches we have had. They are quick learners, friendly, and feisty in a good way. We got 2 Rhode islands, 2 Golden Comets, and 3 Isa Browns. They are so much fun.

Here they are still in the ‘ugly molt’ a couple weeks ago.

Baxter had a little fall and hurt his hip on top of his arthritis getting worse in his back end. So he was at the vet getting looked over a couple weeks ago and put on some new meds. (which PTL seem to be finally helping). If you have animals especially more then one you know they keep you busy.

The garden has been growing crazy recently so harvesting and care of that has taken up some time.

I’m not complaining as the tomatoes are in abundance and I have extra to give away to friends, neighbors, and family.


Oh and so much more, but I won’t bore you with all that. Chase says hello to our blogging community…

Anyways I just wanted to post tonight to say… Happy Fall Ya’ll ! Hope it is a beautiful one for you.

Ready For Spring

We had a few good days of beautiful weather… then the rain, wind, and cold came back. It was so nice to be able to go out with the boys (dogs) during this time for almost daily walks. They have loved it and I have been feeling better being able to get out walking more. Baxter is getting hip dysplasia so we can’t go for as long a walk as we used to. He can usually only go about 2 miles now. We come home and he gets a hip rub and heat on him to relax his hip which seems to help. And the consistent walking, massage, and heat seem to be helping as he seems to walk a little better recently. Anyways, I said all this to say I AM READY FOR SPRING and warmer temps. to be here for a good spring.

I am eagerly waiting to be able to get plants and seeds to start a vegetable garden and flowers for my flower bed. I am eager to see butterflies and bees buzzing. I am ready to do outside projects and keep up walking in the sunshine. Fall has mostly been my favorite season, but this year I am ready for spring and to declare it my favorite for 2020.