Gratitude in Change

It was a nice day again outside of the wind that just pounds our area over the past few years. I am grateful for the sun today and warmer temperatures that are n field

I have been going though another season of acceptance and change as spring begins to come. Do you go though those…you hear or see something that hits home with something you are struggle with, and it sparks a need to change?  I realize like Job from the Bible we have to praise God in the good and in the bad. As Job said ” Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?” (Job 2:9). It is easy to praise God and be grateful when things are going good, but shows real character when we can praise him and be grateful when things are not going our way or when things are bad. That is a goal I have now… gratitude all the time, especially since most of the time things don’t go well or the way I would like 😉  I am hoping this habit will stick 🙂