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Adventures for Baby Chicks

Our baby chicks are growing and as you know from my last post are able to regulate their body temperature enough where they can be out in the yard on nice warm days. As you can see from the above photo when they go outside they are placed in our newly built chicken tractor so they are safe to explore and birds or other … Read More Adventures for Baby Chicks

Happy 4th Birthday Chase!

Today Chase our youngest pup turns 4! I can’t believe we have already had him for 4 years (well minus 3 months 😉 ) I wanted to make a list of all the things I love about Chase, but that would be one long blog. So I will focus on a few important ones. First he is a love bug 🙂 He always wants … Read More Happy 4th Birthday Chase!

Shaping up…

It’s shaping up to be the first HOT day of the year.             The chickens are getting ready by keeping hydrated…             The dogs are enjoying what is left of the cool grass…                 My husband and I are off to run errands. I thought I would … Read More Shaping up…