I wonder what…

I was looking at this picture the other day and wondered….

What does heaven look like???  This picture was from a trip up in the sky on an airplane. It is peaceful and makes you relaxed as I imagine heaven is. I wondered if this is what the angels or God sees when he looks down from heaven. If so he has a peaceful view as I am sure heave is… peaceful. (I just hope when I get there I am not still scared of heights 😉 )

Hot Haze…

The hot weather was back today… The mountains had a haze on them all day. I went to help the elderly couple I clean for and then picked up a few groceries we needed since I was close to town. When I got home I let the hurt chicken out in the yard and did some canning.

I saw this plane come over the house while I was out checking on the hurt chicken.

I am hoping it will cool down soon so I can check on the garden and go for a walk before dark. I will end this post with a photo I took while we were out on a drive last weekend. A neat little farm with an unusual law ornament….

A big truck’s trailer…

It’s interesting what you come across when you least expect it. Hope you had a good start to the weekend… Happy Saturday 🙂

Hikes and Battlefields…

It was such a nice day, perfect weather for a hike. We went to a local battlefield and hiked all over that place. The dogs were in heaven… they LOVE to hike and walk.







My wonderful hubby carried my camera backpack so I coud have both my lenses at hand and it also allowed us to carry water and such.

When we first got to the battlefield there were some painters their painting a pond…

In the pond was a goose swimming, it almost looked as if he was posing for the painters.

A little further up the way and in the river there were two families of geese… Mom, Dad, and babies.

The fields had beautiful flowers in them today all in full bloom.

Then we went from the fields and river to the mountain. There were so many planes today…

The pups took a rest when we got back from the mountain on one of the old house steps.

On the way out of the battlefield we saw a bird we have a difference of opinion on what it was… any ideas?

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend with lots of fun and beautiful weather. Have a blessed week 🙂