Anniversary Trip

This past week hubby and I went away overnight for our anniversary. Our neighbor agreed to watch the chickens and feed/let out the dogs so we could go.


On the drive to Pittsburg, PA we went though the Gap.


It has really pretty views especially in the morning hours. I am usually looking up at the mountains from home. Its a different perspective looking down into the valleys and a different beauty.


We got to do a few things while in Pittsburg including Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and the zoo. I will share on those later. Since we only had an afternoon and a morning to explore on our overnight trip we hope to go back to see more.


We realized we defiantly are country people though as the big city was a little crazy and intimidating, especially driving. Do you have any suggestions for things to see or places to go if we get back anytime?


It is hubby’s and my anniversary today 🙂 I was thinking back on when we first met and each year since. As the years pass I realize each year I learn something new about and from hubby and we grow into a new stage with each other. It is like each time you go to the library you learn something new and grow…

It is the same with a relationship if it is healthy and growing. I am glad God has been with us and helped us though some difficult times and continues to be with us though our current disappointments. Happy Anniversary Hubby… I love you 😉