Chick Adventures

The baby chicks have been getting out more now that it is warm enough and are learning many new things. Sometimes they learn together…


And other times one or two will get brave and venture a little further solo before running back to the group…

chicks black

But they are never to far from me yet…

chicks 1

Because Chase will herd them back if they do go to far…

chicks herd

They are learning how to peck at the ground for food…

chicks peck

And how to pose for the camera…

chicks pose

It’s a fun time with them and will put you in a good mood watching them learn to be chickens 🙂




Growing babies

Its been a fun experience so far with these girls. Each batch of chicks we have had has been slightly different in the way they interact with us, interact with each other, and depending the season how much they get out and how early.

4 baby

These girls like to pair up a lot. But which two are together usually depends on situation and who is doing what. I think this also has to do with number… there are only four of them. Before now the fewest we have had together is 8 and usually get 10 at a time.

2 chicks

Each is starting to get their own personality and each has her own coloring which makes for a pretty batch of girls. One is very light in color… (she is always primping)

light girl

Another more medium brown… (she likes to sleep and is passive with the others)

med brown

The last Ameraucana is dark brown and black mostly in color… (she is the leader)

dark girl

And the other girl is our brown egg layer so she is all back with little spots of white… (she is all over the place and likes to be second in domination)

black girl

Over all they are a fun bunch 🙂


Chase and Chicks

The baby chicks went out to play again today as it was warm and nice enough. Chase came out too as he has been really good with them inside, so we watched him around them outdoors. He is used to baby chicks as this isn’t our first rodeo with chicks, but we always watch the boys with them anyways.

Today Chase showed he is the protector of them as he is of the other girls.

At first the chicks weren’t sure of this big creature walking around them. But soon made friends with Chase and used him for a little cover…

Chase was very protective of them even when they went near hubby, he was still right there watching them.

It was a cute site to behold and the baby’s had so much fun outside you could tell.

But eventually they got a little chilly so it was back inside to get warm under the heat lamp and take a nap.

Guess What…

We got new baby chicks… (yes mom we did 😉 )

4 baby chicks

It wasn’t planned really as we thought we were done for a while with chickens, but these girls are addictive. A friend of ours at church was getting some and offered to add to his order because he was getting a kind I always wanted… Ameraucana ‘s 🙂

3 americanas

So meet our three girls the Ameraucana triplets…

3 Americanas chick

And here is our other new girl as we decided to go ahead and add a new brown egg layer. So here is our first Barred Rock baby…

bard rock

They are sweet birds and less skittish then the last couple of batches we got. So we are excited to add to our flock.

4 babys

If you think chickens are not addictive… I beg to differ 😉 The proof is above 🙂

Round em’ up…

Our baby chicks are getting big and are out in the big coop with the big girls full time now. At first we had to teach the babies to go into the coop each night. In order to do this hubby, our dog Chase, and I had to basically “herd” them in each night.

Rounded chicks 2

After a few nights of “herding”, one night we went out and they were all in there. A couple of my New Hampshire’s were even roosting with the big girls. (Another reason my chicks are smarter the hubbys 😉 )

Rounded chicks

Now two of mine and one of hubbys Columbian Rock crosses  are roosting with the big girls and the others have found their respective spots in the small hutch in the coop, on those roosts. And one of each kind has found the new roosts we put in the coop for them. Over all it was a good transition for our now 10 week old chicks 🙂

Mother’s Day

A very happy and beautiful Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there, but especially to my Mom and Grandma 🙂

Light Purple flower








I love my mom and grandma and all they have taught me. My Grandmother started me on my love of baking and encourages me to stick with my faith when my fears set in. She is helpful to others even when it inconveniences her and she is just fun to spend time with. Our favorite activity outside of baking together, is playing cards (watch out she cheats 😉 ). My mom showed me many parts of the world letting me travel a lot when I was younger and always told me I could do whatever I set my mind to. My mom and I like to do projects together, sew together, go shopping together, and just like to hang out and have fun. Speaking of fun… since it’s mother’s day I thought I would share a few photos of our baby chicks first day out in the real world…

Baby chicks

The other day we took them out while we built a new chicken tractor (more on that later). We put the baby chicks near the house as there was plenty for them to hide under and allow them safe space for sunning….

baby white

or Shade…

Baby red


Baby white chick

or Resting…

white chick

We kept a close eye on them to make sure they didn’t get into anything that would hurt them, but they did really good 🙂 Overall they got used to being outside and their adventures since have been easier for them (more on that later too). 😉

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Hope your day was a blessing 🙂

New Baby Chicks 2015

We broke down and got some more cuteness this year in the form of 10 new baby chicks…

Baby Chicks 4

We have been debating getting new birds, but since we lost a few more of our oldest chickens this year we decided it was time to get new ones… especially since our egg production is down. We got them when they were one day old and they are so tiny.

Baby chick 5

I forget every time how small they are. I know they have to fit in an egg… but serious small cuteness here…

Baby Chicks 2

Chase is beside himself wanting to play with this new flock of babies, but has been resisting and trying to sit patiently as hubby and I handle the baby’s and maintain their living area right now.

Chase chicks

Baxter could care less… he has been though this so many times and is such a laid back pup, that once he smelled them and looked at them he was over it and was back in his chair. I love to check on the babies every day when I get home and just watch them.

Baby Chicks 1

I change out things in their box every few days and on their first change they got a mirror added… They seem to love the mirror and often are caught looking in the mirror or sleeping in front of it… It’s hilarious 😉

Baby Chicks 3

We ended up getting 5 New Hampshire chicks and 5 Columbian Rock Cross chicks. It’s nice to have babies in the house again and hear their little chirps 🙂

Jumping Chickens

Our buff chicks have grown so much over the last three months… they are almost the size of the Rhode islands. It is still fun to watch them copy the Rhode Islands and learn to eat new things. 3 buffsThey also have learned how to jump the fence…buffNot something I wanted them to learn so we are working to break them of… but don’t think we will have much luck. There are only a couple that do this.  We would hate to clip their wings in case they need to get up high on a perch or get away from predators… but going outside their fence and where the dog smell is not as strong puts them in danger. The predators for the most part stay away from the area we fenced off for the dogs and chickens to roam in. So we would like the chickens to stay in… we shall see 🙂

Buffs Month 2 1/2

The baby buff’s are quite a bunch. They oriented to the outside quickly and after a couple of weeks are now trying to get in with the big ladies our Rhode Islands. They are so cute running across the yard after the big girls their bottoms just a moving…buff cick runThey are getting bigger this past couple of week as it seems between 2 months and 2 months 2 weeks they stalled out in the growth department for a bit. Now they are starting to look like a chicken and loosing those baby features….Buff chick faceAs the Rhode Islands did too…Big chicks faceThe baby buff’s are also more brave taking over some of the big girls space like laying on their ramp from their laying house…Buffs on walkDusting in the coop run…Buffs DustAnd they are trying to at times get in on the snacking action when treats are thrown out…Buff StandsThey are such soft girls I just love how soft their feathers are. They are a little more skittish as we didn’t handle the as much as we should have early on, but they are getting used to us picking them up and holding them.Buff chick They also now don’t run when we come into the coop they see the big ladies surrounding us and they come right along. They have learned to love scratch and the occasional food treats we throw to them. Some are braver than other’s, but isn’t that how it is with anything 🙂

Sick and Chicks

Sorry I have been MIA… I have been very very sick with bronchitis. I didn’t take good care of myself as I was trying to get things done and then I had to go to the doctor. By Friday I had to stay home from work and sleep all day… so unlike me 😦  Saturday I slept all morning and then helped hubby outside for a short time after he got home. Sunday we had to finish loading up my father to go to FL and then get things done we needed to. Monday we got my Dad off and then we had a lot of outside stuff to get done before the rain hit. Today I am needing rest as this yucky sickness is not gone. The pups have been doing well helping us and then staying quiet when we need a rest 🙂Chkn littleWe also have been spending this past week getting the new chicks incorporated into the flock and used to being outside. When we have been home they get to come out of the coop (if they want) and roam in the big chickens area. So far the big chickens and baby’s pretty much keep to themselves and only pass each other by. When there is food the big chicks dominate and the buffs pretty much given in and get out of the way. There is already a baby buff that is an escape artist and can get outside the fence (yet needs help getting back in). All seems well so far and the baby buff’s already know to go back in their house at night and have learned to roost.  I hope as the buff’s get bigger things stay as calm as they are now (I am not holding my breath). I am sure there will be some pushing for domination when it come to food sharing and especially treats. Hopefully the buff’s will learn to push their way in and get some treats. We shall see 🙂

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