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Growing and Laying

Our baby chicks aren’t so babyish anymore… sad face 😦 Two of our Columbian Rock Crosses have started laying (but not the one pictured below)… And maybe even one of my New Hampshire…. Their eggs have been so little and cute 🙂 No yokes in them at first, but now they are getting a little bigger so we’ll see when I crack open a … Read More Growing and Laying

Round em’ up…

Our baby chicks are getting big and are out in the big coop with the big girls full time now. At first we had to teach the babies to go into the coop each night. In order to do this hubby, our dog Chase, and I had to basically “herd” them in each night. After a few nights of “herding”, one night we went … Read More Round em’ up…

Adventures for Baby Chicks

Our baby chicks are growing and as you know from my last post are able to regulate their body temperature enough where they can be out in the yard on nice warm days. As you can see from the above photo when they go outside they are placed in our newly built chicken tractor so they are safe to explore and birds or other … Read More Adventures for Baby Chicks

Mother’s Day

A very happy and beautiful Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there, but especially to my Mom and Grandma 🙂               I love my mom and grandma and all they have taught me. My Grandmother started me on my love of baking and encourages me to stick with my faith when my fears set in. She is … Read More Mother’s Day


New Baby Chicks 2015

We broke down and got some more cuteness this year in the form of 10 new baby chicks… We have been debating getting new birds, but since we lost a few more of our oldest chickens this year we decided it was time to get new ones… especially since our egg production is down. We got them when they were one day old and … Read More New Baby Chicks 2015

Here came the sun… and now rain…

We finally had a beautiful day last Monday. It was sunny, got up to 60*, and the wind had finally calmed. The warmer air and sun dried up a little of the flood of rain and snow we had for the week before that. We went out finally to run some errands and were amazed at the flooded fields, streams, and properties we came across. … Read More Here came the sun… and now rain…

Sick and Chicks

Sorry I have been MIA… I have been very very sick with bronchitis. I didn’t take good care of myself as I was trying to get things done and then I had to go to the doctor. By Friday I had to stay home from work and sleep all day… so unlike me 😦  Saturday I slept all morning and then helped hubby outside for a short … Read More Sick and Chicks

Chicks First Adventure In Wide Open Spaces

The baby buffs had their first adventure with no fence yesterday. It was a day of possible wide open spaces for exploration. Still the baby buffs chose to stay close to home and explore smaller spaces.Their watchful and protective Chase was always close by to ensure no birds, other animals, or bigger chickens got to them.At times it seem the buffs weren’t sure if Chase … Read More Chicks First Adventure In Wide Open Spaces

Simple Sunday

It was another pretty yet cooler day… the sun was shining, the clouds were white and fluffy, and it was a good day for outside work. I know your not supposed to work on Sunday, but this work was for us and it was relaxing in some respects. We got some root vegetables put in the garden… the lawn got mowed (again)… the chicken … Read More Simple Sunday

The Great Outdoors

The weather was perfect today 92* and there was a light breeze. Hubby and I moved some trees for the neighbor with our tractor. Then hubby changed the oil in the car while the one month old chicks got to go outside for the first time 🙂 We put up a little fence with a wire top so the hawks couldn’t get our babies. At first … Read More The Great Outdoors

Chickies ‘Outside the Box’

Our chicks are three weeks old and have wings… 🙂Look at those wings… They are so cute 😉 I just love chickens growing wings. They are just so fluffy, fuzzy, and frizzled 🙂 This chick was having a bad hair day and was messing around in my laundry… funny girl. 😉The chicks got out of their box house briefly today to wander in our brick … Read More Chickies ‘Outside the Box’

Good Friday… or is it?

It is Good Friday… so I thought I would share this comic that was sent to me… And a picture of the chicks to hold you over 😉 Hope you all have a Happy Easter weekend 🙂 Many blessings to you and your family 🙂