Have you ever watched RFD-TV? Hubby and I just love it. We learn all about agriculture, animals, farming, ranching, and good ole’ county life. It reminds us of growing up in rural areas and where my family still lives in Nebraska. It helps us to know there is still hope for our farming/ ranching dream.

Barn Farm

Some days in the hustle and bustle of life our dreams of getting away from the suburba-country, as we call it, seems so distant and out of reach. But watching thing that have to do with our dream makes it feel a little more obtainable and helps us keep our hope alive. It also helps us to know there are still good people and good Christians out there who want to do the right thing, grow good and healthy food, and care to help each other keep the dream alive. So today’s post is for all the farmers and ranchers out there. We appreciate what you do, how hard you work, and that you truly are the heart of America.

Barns of Gratitude

While driving hubby and I do a lot fo talking and I do a lot of thinking. As many of you know I love old barns and taking photos of them… on a recent trip I saw this old barn and it was decked out old fashion style for Christmas….

Barn with wreath

I feel blessed and grateful that there are still places like this for kids to see as I sure appreciate them 🙂

Winter Barn…

One of the roads hubby and I drive on when we just need to get out and drive has this old barn on it. I am not sure what it is about it, but it appeals to my old-time senses. I just can imagine all the crops, animals, people, and season it has seen. What stories it must hold 🙂 It just gives me hope that somewhere there is a farm out there for hubby and I and maybe one day we will be looking at our own barn and thinking of all the memories it holds 🙂

Hot Haze…

The hot weather was back today… The mountains had a haze on them all day. I went to help the elderly couple I clean for and then picked up a few groceries we needed since I was close to town. When I got home I let the hurt chicken out in the yard and did some canning.

I saw this plane come over the house while I was out checking on the hurt chicken.

I am hoping it will cool down soon so I can check on the garden and go for a walk before dark. I will end this post with a photo I took while we were out on a drive last weekend. A neat little farm with an unusual law ornament….

A big truck’s trailer…

It’s interesting what you come across when you least expect it. Hope you had a good start to the weekend… Happy Saturday 🙂

Friday Fun

I promised some more photos of the boys on our hike and here is another…

Baxter and Chase at the top of the rocks

Today they helped us keep the chickens under control while we let the hurt girl out in the yard for some exercise and to see how the other girls would react to her. Some of the chickens tried to peck at her so we stopped that, but mostly the hurt girl just stayed to herself and got verbal if the others got too close. We will keep giving her these experiences until she is healed and can go back out full-time. Until then she is in the basement pen healing and getting some rest.

The other day when coming back from the hike I saw this old barn.

If you have followed me for any length of time you have seen my old posts you know I love old barns. The fascinate me for some reason. I guess they remind me of my childhood when things were simpler, people were nicer, and the world was a less evil place to be. I remember as a kid you couldn’t dive any place without seeing a functioning farm with livestock or crops. Now they are loosing their land and the serenity of those drives is sometimes replaced with large houses and communities where those beloved farms use to sit. Still some days I am lucky enough to find an old barn I have not seen before and those lovely memories come back. I hope you all have a blessed weekend 🙂

Price is right…










This is another barn we saw on our little drive yesterday. I love the old silo. I remember as a child when you could drive down the road and see these old silos being filled with grain for storage until the price was right to sell. Silo storage has changed and grain can be stored longer until… the price is right to sell. On our trip out to Nebraska my Uncle taught us more about this. I hope you have a Happy Monday!

Rainy day…

It’s raining today. I don’t always like rainy Saturday as it usually interferes with what I have to do and I get a major headache from them. Today I am ok with the rain as I need to clean house and get things back in order after our trip. I thought today would be a good one to share some more of my photos from our trip… Hope you enjoy !


I love this tire off a tractor that was getting repainted…


I took this picture as it reminds me of a barn that as a child I would have loved to pop in and out of the windows as a game.


This is one of those lovely evening sky.


This was the large sky I love in this part of the country.

My conference I went to yesterday was long, but very educational. I didn’t get home till 9 PM and was so tired I went to bed. I hope you have a good Saturday!

There is no place like Home…

I am sure when we all hear these words we think of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, and the yellow brick road. Today I thought of how true these words are for me coming home from our recent trip to Nebraska. I missed our dogs, chickens, my bed, and just being in my own space. I think the best part of being in your own place is the sense of freedom you can do what you need without needing to ask so you do not disturb someone else space too much. It was great to go outside on a beautiful day like today play with the pups in the yard, watch the chickens, and work in the yard getting things set up for spring.













The Girls

The leader of our 10 girls...



Some more of The Girls













I found while I was gone some flowers in our yard have started to bloom…







I also found some on the vegetables I planted this past fall have come back and I am looking forward to cooking them.

It was a lovely day and a great start to the weekend.

I wanted to share some more photos of my trip as I got so many neat pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks for reading, your comments, and visiting my blog 🙂 Happy Weekend!

The red sky...







I thought the sky was so beautiful this night...









A stream