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There are many important parts of life. One aspect of life is making memories and on the flip side is reminiscing on the memories made. Hubby and I work so much and are so busy with our jobs, animals, home, church, and just general life that its hard to find time to make and then reminisce on memories. We try to make a point … Read More Memories

Beauty Filled

There are some day when you look for your beautiful sunset… good days to end it beautifully or bad days when the sunset reminds you of the hope of tomorrow. The above sunset I captured while on an anniversary trip with hubby in September. We were in South Carolina for this particular wedding anniversary trip and the sunsets were beautiful. Each day there were … Read More Beauty Filled

Happy 4th Birthday Chase!

Today Chase our youngest pup turns 4! I can’t believe we have already had him for 4 years (well minus 3 months 😉 ) I wanted to make a list of all the things I love about Chase, but that would be one long blog. So I will focus on a few important ones. First he is a love bug 🙂 He always wants … Read More Happy 4th Birthday Chase!

Chase Verses The Sea

A couple weekends ago we went to beach to visit my mom and stepdad. This was Baxter’s 4th or 5th trip to the beach, but only Chase’s 2nd time. As much as Baxter loves the beach, I have to say Chase is enthralled with it. He loves to run and play on the beach and makes up his own games like “chase the wave’. He … Read More Chase Verses The Sea

Found… sand art

I spent some time tonight looking over some older photos that my father-in-law downloaded from hubby’s computer as his crashed. So now I didn’t lose the photos 🙂 I was looking over the photos from hubby’s and my engagement weekend and came across some photos of sand art that was on the beach where we got engaged… There are so many things I remember from that … Read More Found… sand art

Look what I caught…

  Ever heard of a ribbon fish? I hadn’t until I caught one on a fishing trip we went on over the weekend. Sorry I haven’t been on in a while but we have been away visiting my mom’s neck of the woods again. Spent some time fishing and at Ft. Monroe when it was not raining. We also got to play putt-putt which I … Read More Look what I caught…

Yellow Rose of Texas

I have heard that in Texas the humidity is not as bad as in Virginia. It was 96*F on the thermometer today, but they said it felt like 116*. It was one of those days that it was so humid there were no clouds in the sky…. looked kind of like this picture I got at the beach… So to avoid the humidity I … Read More Yellow Rose of Texas

Ten Things I Enjoyed About Our Weekend

Since I didn’t get around to a long post Tuesday I thought I would share my ten blessings from my weekend today 🙂 I decided I will share the ten things I enjoyed about this past weekend that blessed me and hubby… 10.  The flowers we saw all over. 9. The animals we encountered. 8. Spending time at the beach. 7. The ships at op-sail and attending … Read More Ten Things I Enjoyed About Our Weekend

Weekend Trip

When I was a little girl my parents use to take me on weekend trips. Since my husband works weekends we rarely get to do this. This past weekend we decided it was time so we both took off Monday (hubby had to take Saturday and Sunday too) and we drove to the beach. We stayed with my mom and her husband as it would … Read More Weekend Trip

More Beach Fun…

Short post with more photos from the beach…  And from the garden we visited… More to come 🙂 Hope you have a happy Wednesday…

Back from the Beach…

Hubby, pups, and I went to visit my mom this weekend at the beach. We left Friday and got back today. We did a lot, which means I got a lot of photos of the weekend. I thought I would start with one and share the rest as the week progresses… I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and blessings for the coming … Read More Back from the Beach…