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Woody the Woodpecker

So yesterday I attempted to post a photo of a woodpecker I had in the front yard and it was only somewhat successful. So here I will try again… I love this little guy (girl?) and the bright red-head. He (she?) is a frequent visitor over the last few days and I have enjoyed this woodpeckers interaction with our other birds. I have been looking out on … Read More Woody the Woodpecker

Save the Trees… (and my bird feeders)

Today started out cold… Then it rained… Then it got really nice… After it got nice outside my husband and I finally finished the new laying house for the girls it is now installed and safe (I forgot to take pictures, I will try to later). I then took some time taking pictures around the property. Here is what I found… In the back yard our cherry tree … Read More Save the Trees… (and my bird feeders)