Late Summer Update

Our little piece of God’s earth is trying to keep up with the change in weather from bouts of rain to dry humid heat. The grass is good when we get some rain and the chickens love all the bugs…


The birds are still having babies and one mom has taken over our smaller birdhouse…


Inside I am trying to keep up with the housework and animals coming in and out. Chase and Grayson are always under foot trying to be “helpful”. But I do love their company.

cat grayson

Its almost our favorite month… September. Hope you are doing well wherever you are 🙂



Snow to spring and back again …

That last eastern snow storm got us  Monday night into Tuesday.

sky snow

Since we knew it was coming our way we did prep work around our place. Secured the chickens and got a couple flock blocks set up plus extra water, covered up the tractors, moved the generator, and filled up the bird feeders as we like to provide a spot for the birds in the snow to get food.

bird feeder

There were quite a few birds that showed up…

bird eating

All three boys liked watching the birds, the two pups from the door and little Grayson from the window…

Bax n chase

We also enjoy watching them. You see a hierarchy just like you do with the chickens… interesting to watch.


I also like to see the little birds find ways to get to the good food and fool the bigger birds.

bird little

Provides some good entertainment on a snowy day.

bird tree

If you got this snow I hope you stayed safe and warm. I was lucky this time, hubby did the shoveling and snow blowing and I got to be inside cooking and baking. I think I got the better part of the deal 😉


Birds in the Snow

Our birds have been enjoying our bird feeders that hubby has been trying to keep full.


They have been on the feeders and under them where they had dropped some of the seeds.


We have had different kinds of birds, but mostly these small little birds and robins.


They also have been under some of the trees I think eating berries and things that have dropped off of them.


They have been keeping the kitten entertained as he watched from the window.

Grayson watch

I am glad our trees and feeders have kept them safe and fed in all this bad weather.


Yahhh for cute little birdies 🙂


We had some visitors today… some cute birdies 🙂BirdiesWe didn’t have much time after work to sit and watch them as we had a lot to do, but I took a few minutes to see what they were up to.Birdies 2

They were sharing the seed that was spilled on the ground. The bigger bird seemed to almost help the little ones find the bigger seed and they followed the bigger bird around. It was interesting to watch them before they got scared and flew away. Fly little birdies… fly… but come again soon 🙂

January Birthdays

Cardinal 2We have a lot of January Birthdays in our family. My step-fathers birthday was yesterday, hubby’s aunts was earlier this month, my hubbys is in a week, and his brother’s is the day after. Then we have a bunch of friends too…. so it’s a month of celebration of life to start off the year 🙂  Any of you out there have a January birthday?


Not much to say this week… so here is a photo of a Cardinal that visits our bird feeders frequently 🙂 Cardinal

My Grandmas favorite bird 🙂 Hope your week is going well.

In The Shadows…

Bird ShadowDo you see our new woodpecker? I was playing with the new settings on my camera and got this photos. I thought it was neat how the bird looks like a part of the branch and blends in to the black of the branches. It reminds me of a sermon I heard on people talents and how some people are good at being in the forefront and doing things for everyone to know. Then there are those of us who like to do things behind the scene and don’t need anyone to know. We all have different gifts and some are more obvious than others. Have you been able to figure out your gifts and if you are a person in the front or in the background as the bird is, kind of hidden to the non observing eye? 🙂

Woody the Woodpecker

So yesterday I attempted to post a photo of a woodpecker I had in the front yard and it was only somewhat successful. So here I will try again…

I love this little guy (girl?) and the bright red-head. He (she?) is a frequent visitor over the last few days and I have enjoyed this woodpeckers interaction with our other birds. I have been looking out on other’s blogs and we all seem to be having many bird friend visitors recently thanks to the warmer weather. When ever I see a woodpecker I think of the old cartoon about Woody the Woodpecker and his unique laugh. I got a kick out of it. So in honor of that neat old show we will name this woodpecker Woody. I hope he stays around for a while as we do enjoy his company 🙂 Any of you getting any cool birds on your feeders or in your yards recently?

Save the Trees… (and my bird feeders)

Today started out cold…

Then it rained…

Then it got really nice…

After it got nice outside my husband and I finally finished the new laying house for the girls it is now installed and safe (I forgot to take pictures, I will try to later). I then took some time taking pictures around the property. Here is what I found…

In the back yard our cherry tree was flowering…

Cherry tree flowers

The front yard was full of other pretty trees…

Front yard tree’s flowers
I think this is our pear tree
I forgot what this bush/tree is called, I just love the yellow flowers. Does anyone know what it is called?
Dogwood tree flowers


I then found more tulips and daffodils were blooming…









Red Tulip in our yard (I put a pink one under my photos menu)













The funny part of the day is the squirrel who is my husbands arch nemesis came out to tease my husband once again…

My husband keeps chasing him off and he comes back. I try to tell my husband it is useless to chase him, but the scene happens again and again… quite to my amusement 🙂

What are your favorite trees in your yard?



Chicken coop, dogs, and life…

Today was the first nice day I had to be outside and work. The chicken house got a cleaning and I finished the new boxes for “the girls” (my Dad was helpful in this process as he had a lot of good ideas). “The Girls” ran around like crazy enjoying the bugs and other goodies that they could get now that the rain had stopped and the ground was still soft. The dogs and the chickens continue to learn how to share the yard space, but are doing very well so far…

The dogs and the chickens sharing the yard

"The girls" getting some grub

Chase and "the girls"



















Baxter decided to stand guard over the flock today (is a bunch of chickens a flock?)








The best news of the day is we got our first two

eggs with double yolks.

Yummy… they were delicious.





I also did some gardening and planted things that could go in the ground now. I finished putting seed in their pots to start growing to go in the ground later.

The birds were also out again and enjoying the bird feeders.

I couldn't get close enough without scaring this cardinal off








I also noticed out tulips had started to bloom and they are such a pretty red.











It was such a nice day… I hope it was for you too.

I wanted to thank all my new (and other) followers and anyone who has liked or left a comment. I really appreciate it as today has been my best day for traffic to my site yet 🙂 I hope you all have a blessed week.

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