Memories of September

Last September we were able to go to the lake for a little vacation with my folks. It was actually one of the most relaxing vacations since our honeymoon over 10 years ago. Our boys came. Our lab/healer mix wanted nothing to do with the water or boat. We barley got him on the double decker dock.

chase boat

Yet our terrier mix Chase absolutely loved everything about the place… the lake house, the dock, the water to swim in, and especially the boat. He loved riding on the boat and we had to make him get off when it was time to go in for the day. He also loved watching the fish from the dock and using his life jacket to swim. For a farm dog he adjusted to being a lake dog quickly 😉

Whites Ferry

Have you ever been on a cable operated ferry… if you have been to Whites Ferry then you have 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A few weeks back my mom, step-father, and I went on this neat little ferry in Maryland.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It starts out on one side of the water…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The cars load up… I think it holds 15 cars at a time…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It then starts across towards you…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It gets closer and closer…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You can really start to see the cable the closer it comes…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The cable pulling the ferry through the water is interesting to watch…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You see the cable tightening as the ferry comes closer…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then the ferry is almost on your side…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then all the cars load up…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And you start back the other way…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You get a nice 2-3 minute ride…

The view of the river

The view of the river

Then you are on the other side and driving off…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Back…Back… Back home again…

Hello all…

I know I have not posted in a few days, but we have been out-of-town and then so busy when we got back there never seemed to be time. We visited my mom again as it is inexpensive and near the beach. It was a fun trip and hubby got to do many things he likes including fishing,  visiting civil war sites (like Ft. Monroe), more fishing (boat and peer), and relaxing.

Fort Monroe from the fishing boat

I enjoyed this all as well as the putt-putt, shopping, and minimal contact with the beach as it did rain much of out trip. The boys just loved all the walks they got and being able to play with their grandma 🙂

Baxter doing a happy dance after a walk with Grandma

Since getting back from the trip we have had to get things back in order… cleaning the chicken coop, putting up a new light, organizing, cleaning, working in the yard, cleaning out the garden and planting more onions, beans, etc., and just getting the property and life back on schedule. I also returned to work and had to catch up there too. So all is well here in our neck of the woods. Hope you have a blessed week to come 🙂


Stop and Enjoy…

This afternoon would have been a great one for a boat ride….

A stroll in the park…

A good day to stop and smell the roses…

Or watch a new family take a swim…

Here on our little neck of the woods we are enjoying sitting on our newly painted front porch, sipping tea, and watching the birds. The dogs are with us watching all the animals and the chickens are pecking the newly cut grass.  Whatever you did this Monday I hope you got to enjoy some of the most beautiful wheather we have had in a long time. It reminds me of when I was a kid… riding my bike, the parents on the porch drinking iced tea, and us kids running in the yard being kids. Happy Monday everyone 🙂

A hard days work…

As I said in my blog yesterday my mom and her husband came up yesterday to celebrate her birthday weekend. Last night we took her out for a walk and shopping in old town Frederick and then out to dinner. We had a fun time 🙂

Today it was chore day… not that I wanted my mom to work on her birthday weekend, but we needed to get the deck painted, they volunteered to help this weekend, so that’s what we did. We painted the back deck and front porch. They look so nice now. Sorry I didn’t take photos, but I was so busy working and didn’t want to get paint on my camera. I did get a picture of this bee when we got done….

Tomorrow is back to work for me and mom travels home… but first I will be fixing her a wonderful breakfast as it is her real birthday day tomorrow:)

Have a blessed week everyone 🙂

10 Things I Liked From Opsail

10. The mermaid.

9. The flowers in random places.

8. The ships.

7. All the ship bells.

6. All the flags.

5. Unexpected art.

4. The ships lit up at night.

3. The Sunset.

2. Being with family and hubby.

1. The fireworks.

Looking up…

Look up…

Op-Sail was full of some wonderful sights. Many which you would not have seen if you didn’t Look Up. Many times in life we just need a new perspective and a reason to look at things in a new way. I think we get so busy looking at where we want to go we miss all that is around us. Op-sail provided us a time to walk slow, explore, and enjoy all the things around us. Hope you enjoy this first tour of all we saw….

USCG Eagle built for the German navy in 1936 won by the US as part of the war reparations after WWII.

The Eagle front ornament off the USCG training tall ship used by the Coast Guard as a training vessel.


Bell on the Virginia Schooner

Front of another ship

Angel on front of a ship

Hope you enjoyed your first look at op-sail… more to come 🙂



Hanging it up… Coming Home

I’m hanging up the rope for the week… I have done enough tugging this week. Last weekend and our trip are starting to seem like a distant memory. This week was long and I only worked 4 days. The rope above is from one of the tall ships we got to tour. I still need to post about Op-Sail and all the things we saw. I will get to it I promise 🙂

One of the nicest feelings is coming home…

This sailor statue shows this point

While on our trip I was thinking a lot about those who are over seas and have to be away from family. I feel blessed they have done this so I don’t have to experience my husband gone. My Dad used to be in the military and go away for weeks or months, but I was too young to remember. I have been told there is nothing like a military home-coming.

I hope you all have a blessed week and I will send you off to the weekend with fireworks … Enjoy 🙂

Ten Things I Enjoyed About Our Weekend

Since I didn’t get around to a long post Tuesday I thought I would share my ten blessings from my weekend today 🙂 I decided I will share the ten things I enjoyed about this past weekend that blessed me and hubby…

10.  The flowers we saw all over.

9. The animals we encountered.

8. Spending time at the beach.

7. The ships at op-sail and attending the festival.

6. Seeing new and interesting things.

5. The fireworks over the ships at op-sail.

4. Being able to travel with the boys.

3. The sunsets from God.

2. Spending time with family.

1. Getting to spend some quality time with hubby.

What have you been blessed with this past week or weekend?