Adventures in preserving food…

What a nice weather weekend…Gerber

I got a lot done including some canning… today it was ketchup. A couple of weekends ago it was yellow tomato salsa…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have already given a couple of jars away to family who have been visiting and wanted to raid my stash… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I have also been making batches of tomato sauce to freeze. I start with a bunch of tomatoes’ washed…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then cooked with all sorts of yummy seasoning and veggies…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then pure it till smooth, put it in freezer containers, and into the downstairs freezer for the winter 🙂 I also canned some tomatoes diced and whole for my stash 🙂OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I am hoping this year I have enough to last all winter… I hate taking out the last jar too early 😦 In the garden, I still have tomatoes, peppers, and a few green beans growing, so I hope to keep stocking my freezer and caning shelves 🙂

Weekend Fair

This past weekend we went to the fair. I have a lot of photos so I am breaking them up and will share a different aspect of the fair with you each day this week. So today is the display buildings of the fair for your enjoyment… (But I have to start with the best ride of the fair)…Ferris wheel

My favorite section was all the canning jars lined up on display with lots of goodies in them…Canning

There were so many they had two different sections….Canning more

They also had a lot of produce like this corn on display….baby corn

It inspired me to keep up with my gardening 🙂

They also had may beautiful quilts…Quilt

Which was my mom’s favorite section… Quilts

There was a lot of good stuff to see and more to come. 🙂

Purple Cones of Summer

It was another lovely perfect day and I was off all day to enjoy it for a change 🙂 Hubby and I got so much more done today and even had time to take the dogs for a walk. The summer flowers are out and were showing their faces today. Purple ConesThe purple cones are in full bloom here and I think they are just so pretty. They were perfect photo subjects today 🙂Purple Cones 2 They seemed to love this weather even though they haven’t had rain. After a long day working outside I did some more canning (cherry preserves and tomatoes tonight). I am happy to be in canning season again… I just love to fill my pantry and basement shelves with all sorts of goodies for the winter. Full pantry = happy family 🙂

Great Neighbors

It’s great to have neighbors like we have… you can depend on them, trust them, and you can bless them if they let you… This evening I went over to visit one of our neighbors. I could see him out in his garden. He is in his 80’s and currently struggling with lymes disease among other things. He isn’t getting around as he used to so when I can spy him out from across our field I go see what I can do. I try to go over with a question or to ask to get an onion or something, but usually it’s a way I can go over to talk to him and help out now.kims phone pictures 349Tonight he was going to pick tomatoes for his wife to can… so an hour later we had pulled up potatoes, onions, picked tomatoes of all kinds, and picked blackberries. As a reward I got a bucket full of potatoes, onions, topped with tomatoes, and a basket of blackberries. It wasn’t what I went for, only to help as I knew he couldn’t get down to get the low stuff and he had been complaining his hands aren’t working lately. So despite me going over to give, not take… I got a gift… outside of the food… I got a memory of time with my neighbor and the knowledge that it made a difference to him. That is a true blessing 🙂

Sundays List…

Today I had a long list of things to do and like all lists I only got a few of them done. Each activity I attempted took longer then expected and my migraine did not help. So today’s list has become Sunday’s list. I am going to the early church service tomorrow which will give me some time to do more on my list before hubby gets home and we do some more Christmas shopping (yes I know it is only September, but hubby an I like to have it all done by Thanksgiving and wrapped by the weekend after). I got my jalapeno peppers caned and right after the neighbor brought more (now more to do tomorrow). Piece of advice…. when working with hot peppers of any kind don’t forget your gloves. I did as I was rushing today and I am paying… (if you know how to get the hot sting off your hands let me know… I have tried soap, lemon, milk, sugar, heavy-duty de-greaser hand cleaner, orange).

It was a beautiful day today… perfect temperature, light wind, sunny, clear sky… I kept the windows open all day to air out the house and make things smell fresh. What a lovely day 🙂

I Can… Can Jam

I finally got around to making my grape jam…

I only got these five jam jars after it cooked down, but that’s okay. I only had a pot of grapes and just added sugar and pectin. I hope they taste as good as they smelled. I had to keep hubby and his brother from sticking their fingers in the pot for a taste.

Luckey the jam was too hot so they didn’t have much of a chance to put their fingers in. I don’t use tools from the store. I got most of mine from yard sales or are things I already had in my kitchen…

My tools

They still work well… Happy canning 🙂

Weekend words…


This weekend has been a busy one as predicted. During my cleaning this morning for the elderly couple I got a bushel of apples and a bag of pears from their trees. So my next project is canning applesauce, pears, and making jelly from the grapes I peeled and got the seeds out of the other day. I get so excited to try something new with canning (I know I am weird). My venture into canning has been fun so far and I am looking forward to do more 🙂 Tomorrow I am off to church and then the 1st birthday of my friends little boy… I get to take the photos of this blessed event… he is a cutie 🙂

Advetures in Canning

So my new hobby this year is canning. I mentioned before I think that I have tried canning corn relish, tomatoes, and jelly. Wendesday and Thursday I started to can my from scratch tomato sauce as I have so many tomatoes and the sauce has filled up the freezer (along with my home-made chicken stock: which I plan to try to can later-more to come 😉 ) I have been happy with my canning efforts so far, but want to step it up and fill up the pantry more for the coming winter. I have seen many others canning idea and have found a few more to try including apple sauce, chicken stock, and dilly beans.

Tomato sauce, corn salsa, jelly (on top), and tomatoes

My husband will tell you I can not sit still so when things quiet down I find a new hobby to fill my time. I have taken on baking, cooking, therapy dog event’s with Baxter, some agility training with Chase, cleaning, blogging, gardening (flower, fruits, and veggies), cleaning for an elderly couple once a month to help them out, numerous bible studies, and may other things. I find being busy keeps me happy and focused. My mom says I have been this way all my life… always the busy child. So we shall see where this new canning adventures take me… wish me luck 😉

(If you have any tips or canning ideas please feel free to leave them for me 🙂 )

Joy of the front porch

A phone photo today. The boys were enjoying the front porch and the breeze on this hot day. The chicken is healing and her feather’s are returning. I am hoping by next week she can be back out with her sisters full-time. We think she lost her sight in one of her eyes during her attack and is having to learn to see with just one. She is a brave girl so I think she will be fine. It’s Wednesday so that means only two more days of work before the weekend. I have so many tomatoes I need to get them made into sauce and canned. I didn’t get to it today as I had to work later than normal and after making dinner I am ready to sit down and read. I hope you all have had a blessed week so far. 🙂

Mondays Sun…

Another busy day around our house… many chores got completed, the dogs got walked, projects we have not had time to do got started, and errands were run… and that is all after I got home from work at 1. I got another 65 tomatoes from the garden with a few other veggies. I am looking to make some more tomato sauce and maybe can a few more for the winter. I am enjoying my new canning hobby and saving the family some money too. I hope you had a good Monday 🙂

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