Summer Life

Don’t you just love spring and summer… not the heat or rain (they do have their benefits)… but spring and summer brings so much new life… The trees get leaves and flowers, the flowers bloom, the grass grows tall, and baby animals are born… These little guys were on a neighbor’s farm and just looked so cute in their field…Baby CowsThis particular farm had at least 6 or 8 new baby cows all over the field. This little guy kept an eye on us while we went past and gave me a little baby cow “mooooooo”… I think he was saying cow 2This little guy kept hiding his face from me… every time I went to get a shot of him, he kept looking down or eating.Baby CowBut his momma kept a sharp eye on me making sure I stayed outside the fence… I am sure she was not too happy with me being so close to her and the babies. Mom cow It is so nice to take a drive and see all the new baby animal in the fields resting, eating, and playing. The beauty of new life is so precious and is something to value and appreciate 🙂

Cow Licking Good

Funny things happen sometimes when you least expect it. While out on a walk with hubby and the dogs the other day we came across this field of cows grazing beside the woods we were walking in. This one cow seems very curious about our presence…Cow Face 1

He looked at us for the longest time….Cow face

The appeared disinterest turning his head away with a big flip of his nose….Cow face 2

Then all of a sudden…Cow lick face

Boy if there wasn’t a fence then we may have been eaten. Good thing there was plenty of green grass and hay 😉 Almost the mid-week mark… hope God has blessed you in many ways this week 🙂

2013 Seasonsgirl

Its January 1st, 2o13… Happy New Year to all my followers and visitors. Its time to get started and focus on some dreams we have and the main one is achieving our dream of a farm/ranch. ducks n pond

In order to do this we need to do a few things… pick a location, figure out how to fund our dream, and figure out the details about how to get to the goal. We know some of the bigger details (and some of the smaller ones)…. we want a good amount more land then we have now, we want to have goats/chickens/cattle/ and maybe pigs, we want to have some crops like hay to support the animals feed, and we want a large garden that will give us the veggies/fruits we need and will be able to can for the winter months. Tractor

All of this in efforts to live a life for God, live more for our self suffency,  and to raise our kids (if we may be blessed with them) in this farming/ranching lifestyle. We know it won’t be easy, it won’t always be fun, but it will provide us with more self-sufficiency and a way to contribute to the greater good.

Have you had a dream similer to ours and if so any practical advice on how to get to our goal?