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4th of July

Today the United States is 237 years old… It is a day we celebrate our forefather’s fight for freedom for Christianity that the Puritans came over from England to have. So while you celebrate today have fun, be safe, and many blessings as you spend time with those you care about. Enjoy the fireworks and your cookout’s… and remember the red, white, and blue 🙂

January Birthdays

We have a lot of January Birthdays in our family. My step-fathers birthday was yesterday, hubby’s aunts was earlier this month, my hubbys is in a week, and his brother’s is the day after. Then we have a bunch of friends too…. so it’s a month of celebration of life to start off the year 🙂  Any of you out there have a January birthday?


It is hubby’s and my anniversary today 🙂 I was thinking back on when we first met and each year since. As the years pass I realize each year I learn something new about and from hubby and we grow into a new stage with each other. It is like each time you go to the library you learn something new and grow… It is the … Read More Learning…