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Pre Easter Flowers

When Baxter and I got back today the yard was calling. Despite the wind I went out to plant and then I saw it… the trees were beautiful with the sun shining through them. God’s light was shining through the trees and it was so pretty I had to take pictures…                           … Read More Pre Easter Flowers

Oh what a beautiful day…

Anyone know what musical this little song line comes from??? It has turned into a beautiful day today. The tulips have opened, the dogs are sunning, and the chickens are out and about (or laying). I opened all the windows to air out the house and spent some time after work sweeping up the floors of the house. I thought I would share some … Read More Oh what a beautiful day…

Light, flowers, and such

Yesterday I found a new color tulip in our yard. I don’t remember it in the past and I had not seen it yet this year. This yellow tulip was growing on the side of the house that gets the least sun in the day, but I tried to wait untill it had some sun before I took this.           … Read More Light, flowers, and such