Chicken Scratch

Today the rain that the weather man promised came… I couldn’t be upset about it though as it was good for the garden, the trees, and the land. It seems the grass shot up today and already needs mowing again. Hubby just mowed on Wednesday so he was not all that happy he needs to mow again two days later 😉  I didn’t mind as the grass is so green and pretty and gave the chickens a great place to scratch today after the rain ended chkn pecking

After the rain stopped it warmed up and little and allowed the dogs some time outside before dinner. It was nice to be able to have them outside every day this week as they have not had that since last fall due to this crazy cold, windy, and wet weather we had all winter. I hope where you are you get some sunny and warm weather to enjoy this weekend…. blessings to you 🙂

The Great Outdoors

The weather was perfect today 92* and there was a light breeze. Hubby and I moved some trees for the neighbor with our tractor. Then hubby changed the oil in the car while the one month old chicks got to go outside for the first time 🙂chick flower

We put up a little fence with a wire top so the hawks couldn’t get our babies.chicks fence

At first they were a little hesitant and wouldn’t move. It was if they didn’t know what to do.chicks explor

Then slowly they started to explore, peck at the ground, find things to play with like pinecones, and they were off…chicks explore

They now LOVE the great outdoors 🙂

One of our big chickens that our neighbor has named Mrs. Marigold came to check out the new chicks…. She got closer….chkn

And closer….chickn

Until finally…chicks n chicken

She checked them out…chicks n chicken 3

They checked her out….chicks n chicken 2

Then she lost interest and walked away to find some food…chkn peck

That was it she just left the little chicks wondering who that big mama chicken was…chick confused

A couple of them got a special treat and under close supervision were allowed to explore the flower beds…chick white flower

And the grass…chick grass

They just seemed to love the day outside 🙂

Chick Chick

Home sick today… I hate migraines… So today I will share one of the baby chicks with you… they always make me smile.One Chick

They seem to really love their pumpkin box home. They are moving all about and trying to fly. Luckily they can’t get out of the box…. yet 😉

Grow Chick’s Grow

A couple of days ago the chicks and their wings looked like this…baby Chick one

Now they look like this…Chick walk

They are growing so fast and trying to fly now so we made up their new home for them to move into today. We have a large pumpkin box we line and place shavings in. We put in a couple of logs and things for them to explore. When I put them in their new place they ran around, tried to fly, and acted crazy.. they seemed to love having more room. Chicn bunchChicks are funny and fun to watch 🙂

Chick one… Chick two…

The girls are growing and are so fun to watch… Today they got a little log in their box and seemed to have fun exploring it. Chick One

The dogs are having fun watching the chicks. Each morning they run down the stairs to see what the chicks are up to and if they see them sleeping still they seem to know to stay quiet and not bother the box. If the chicks are up the dogs anxiously wait for me to take off the screen on the top of the box and then they stick their noses in to say good morning. They then watch as we check and clean out the water and food and place in a new thing for the chicks to explore for the day. Chicks two

The chicks are getting a little more used to us picking them up and don’t squirm so much. They even had a neighbor come over and visit them today, while picking up eggs from us. The “ladies” enjoyed the sun today outside and spent more time out of the coop sunning. I think everyone in our house is anxious for Spring 🙂

Quick Chick In

Not much going on today since it was the first day back to work so I thought I would share some more cute pics of my chicks with you…Chick n flower4 chicks n hat

Chicks Growing Feathers

Our ladies are starting to get their feather tips (as I call them) I guess it’s the start of the scapular feathers, which usually come in about 3 weeks of age. You can see them well on the girl in the front of all the ladies (I think she is the photo star of them all as she seemed to like her picture being taken and would stand still for me.) Chicks 6 days old

They are so cute and active. Mostly quiet as they chirp, but not too much unless we are messing with them. We try to handle them a few times a day so they get used to it and it makes it easier when they get older to catch them to check them over or get them if they are sick. Chick 6 days

Today the girls had another ‘photo shoot’ and were fairly good subjects… too bad my camera was acting up, but I still got some good shots…Chick d days oldChicks 6 days

Our second go around with chick raising is going well and it is a lot less nerve-racking this time as we know more of what we are doing. Today is my last day of vacation and as with all vacations it went by way too fast. I do feel like it was a good one though as we got a lot done and got some needed rest. Hope you have a blessed week 🙂

Baby Chicks Full Day 1

Chick flower

What a great start with our new chicks. They are a hoot and a half 🙂 Today we started their enrichment program and gave the girls some toys and things to explore. They got a fake tulip and a hard plastic/rubbery ball new dog toy that was small enough for them added to their box . They were timid at first… they approached the tulip slowly, explored it, and then promptly fell asleep on it…. approached the ball cautiously and then jumped on top of it… it was so funny. Chick

They are already smart as they hid handfuls of food under their bedding and when I pulled out the feeder to check it and see if it needed more or needed cleaning they went right to their storage and started pecking at it (which is how I knew where it was as the bedding was not dirty yet or in need of a change). My Buffies (as I call them now) are smart ladies already. Hope you enjoyed your Friday 🙂

Spring Surprise

Are you ready for the surprise I promised yesterday…. Baby chick Chick face

Baby chicks… Buff Orpington baby chicks to be exact 🙂 I am really excited about trying a new bread and these ladies are supposed to grow up to be a nice brown/tan color.

We got them at one of many feed stores we have been checking out to see who was going to get what bread in. When I heard this feed store had Buff Orpington’s coming in I was a happy lady (I also wanted eater eggers, but they didn’t have them… maybe next year) 😉 Box

The dogs seem to be enjoying the new ladies and are like me… they could watch the ladies for a long time.  I keep a good eye on them and they are not allowed in the room without my hubby or I just for safety reasons… even though they have both been though having baby chicks in the house before and get along well with those chickens now, you can never be too careful 🙂 Chase look Bax look

After we got them home they ate and drank right away and then took a nap.Chicks eat

I know some of you may have thought I was going to announce a human baby… no luck in that area yet, but baby chicks still fill a mom instinct when they are babies 🙂 ChicksI am so excited for new ladies to raise and get fresh eggs from and it helps after loosing a lady the other week 🙂 I will keep you updated on their progress and growth as well as their cuteness 🙂


Chicken Neck (Yucky picture to follow)


I finally got a picture of the lady who has the feather’s missing from her neck. I wanted to post them to see if anyone had any additional advice. We are keeping the purple spray and a lotion on her daily. I may have to isolate her though if it doesn’t get better soon, but I hate to as she loves being outside and jumping the fence to explore. So if you have any ideas on what it could be or if you have dealt with this before let me know your ideas. Thanks 🙂 chickn neck


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