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Spring Surprise

Are you ready for the surprise I promised yesterday…. Baby chicks… Buff Orpington baby chicks to be exact 🙂 I am really excited about trying a new bread and these ladies are supposed to grow up to be a nice brown/tan color. We got them at one of many feed stores we have been checking out to see who was going to get what bread in. … Read More Spring Surprise

Chicken Check

Success… Our lady has been accepted back by her sisters and is sleeping back outside in her coop. The last couple of nights we have left the hurt lady outside as it was getting dark to see if she would go back to the coop to sleep. The night before last she hid under the deck until Chase (our dog) found her and she was … Read More Chicken Check

Ten Things Thursday

So today I thought I would show you our ten ladies (my ten blessings this week) when they were a couple of months old. They were so cute and fuzzy and just starting to learn about being in the grass and enjoying the outside. They are all grown up now and so used to being outside. They are still fun to watch, but I … Read More Ten Things Thursday