Merry CHRISTmas Eve!

Our family hopes you are with family or friends celebrating this Christmas eve…


Its a very warm Christmas eve where we are and no hopes of snow only rain… but we still are enjoying celebrating our Lord and Saviors birth.


Every time I hear of another terror attack, school shooting, shooting at a theater, music hall, or other place my heart gets sad. I just can’t stand the evil that’s out there.


Right now I chose to join with those that are praying for Paris and I continue to pray for every person affected by any of these kind of events.

Kims Phone 407



So as promised yesterday I will fill you in on our trip. Today its all about the graduate (my hubbys nephew and so by marriage my nephew as well) 🙂 He graduated from a small Christian academy in Indiana. His father (my brother-in law), is the pastor at this smallish church and one day about a decade ago he and my sister in law decided there needed to be a good Christian school for their kids, and others, to attend. So they talked about it with their church and started the school. My nephew was the first one to graduate doing all of his schooling, kindergarten to 12th grade, though only this school.

Evan grad

Each of the graduates made a table for the graduation with pictures, awards, etc that showed what they did while in school. (Nephew above with his table and yes he is tall 6’5″ to be exact at age 18) There were only two seniors who graduated. Each night they have different events for the graduation. Wednesday there is a church service… Thursday a banquet where who whole school gathers for awards, a slide show, etc and all the kids dress up like it is prom (they don’t have dances so this is the one time the kids get to dress up outside of their normal dress up code for school). Friday is the actual graduation and the kindergarten and 6th graders graduate as well. The best part of the school is their motto…


It was a nice graduation and unlike any others I had been to. The kids have a real respect for adults, each other, and themselves 🙂

Happy Late Easter…

Thought I would share this little poem I found…


Happy Day…Three New Awards

Midwest Mary from nominated me for some new awards. She is from the Midwest ( LOVE THAT 🙂 I have family there) Her blog covers many topics and she is open to comments and ideas 🙂 She has nominated me for the following three awards:



The acceptance rules require me to:
1. Post the award logo
2. Link to the nominating party
3. List 10 facts about myself
4. Nominate other noteworthy blogs
5. Notify those nominations via comments on their blog.

And here are the 10 facts about myself:

1. I have sewn off and on since I was young, and recently am getting back into it.

2. I love to bake and am taking a class to learn how decorate cakes and cupcakes better soon.

3. I love my pups… ok so you probably know that if you have followed my blog for anytime- but it had to be said again. 😉

4. My favorite season is fall, but I love them all for different reasons 🙂

5. I am currently reading the book Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.

6.  I love being part of a small church where  can get to know my sisters in Christ.

7. I am a neat freak and like a clean neat house. It drives hubby batty, but with two dog, other animals, us tracking in stuff… the house is constantly in need of tiding up.

8. I love balloons.

9. I love kids… working with them, helping them, doing arts and crafts, playing games, etc. They just make me happy and I just love to watch them learn and grow. I hope someday to have my own to watch grow.

10. I love to travel to new (and old) places and just explore. It is so much fun and I learn new things each time 🙂

I pass these awards on to:

Nature and Life Notes  She writes about nature, birds, baking bread, canning, cooking and so much more. Her photos are beautiful and I don’t know how she gets the great shots of the birds 🙂

Daddy’s Tractor She writes about her family and adventures on a family farm- The daily chores, cooking, baking, animal tending, and caring for her two cute kiddos while homeschooling 🙂

Ann at Feedyard Foodie Ann is a powerful and kind writer. She is knowledgeable and very much into good animal care. She helps run a feedlot and farm in Nebraska while raising her 3 daughters and advocating for the beef industry. 🙂

Sheryl at Flowery Prose  She writes mostly about gardening and such, but I enjoy her writing. Her photos are lovely and I have enjoyed her snow pictures recently very much 🙂

Angie at The Novice Gardener  She writes about cooking, gardening, photography, and more. She writers beautifully and you can tell she holds a degree in journalism. 🙂

Kathy from Lodgehousebandbsomerset I enjoy her posts about chickens, gardening, and her life in Somerset, England. She has a quaint and enjoyable blog. 🙂

Warming up some…

Still snow on the ground and cold in the air here… Shed

The boys and chickens are glad it has gotten into the double digits and no more frozen eggs. It’s been a long week, but tomorrow I get to go to a Women’s Christian conference. I am excited to be going, it should be a good time. Hope you are staying warm and have a good weekend 🙂


Christmas Wish…

Here is wishing you and your families a blessed and happy Christmas…Barn Snow
Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the Lords birth.

Twas the Night Before Christmas…

And all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…Chase sleeping

The dogs were all nestled all snug in their beds…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While visions of summertime danced in their heads…Bax n Chase Summer

Merry Christmas Eve everyone  🙂

Attempts in Faith

I often ask myself what is faith? Is it something we tell ourselves, something we feel, something we know, or something we are given? I am still exploring this through the word of God.Jesus

A friend of mine was of great encouragement in faith today and I am grateful to her. She constantly remind me that faith is just that.. faith… a belief we have in something/someone for a particular reason. We can feel it, know it, or talk about it depending on the situation. It is very hard to have faith when it seems everything is going wrong around you and your prayers don’t feel answered. Yet, I was reminded that is when we get to then practice our faith. That is still believing in whatever “it” is despite the situation, circumstances, or negativity. I think that is the hardest part of faith… believing… especially when faced with previous disappointments. Still part of faith requires the belief despite the circumstances. Without that piece there is no faith only wandering. So with my friends support I will continue to work on my faith in our dreams and my God.

Pyaying Mantis

Have you ever thought of why they called this insect a praying mantis?Prayign MantusIs it because he looks as if his hands are folded in prayer? Is it because he appears much of the time to be kneeling? say: “The mantis when in wait for prey which can be for up to a week its front legs are held in a prayer like position and it preys on other insects”. So I guess it is all of the above. I guess God gave us this little insect to remind us while we wait to stay in prayer and kneeling to him 🙂 Praying Mantus Thank you little mantis for this reminder by coming to visit us today 🙂

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