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We had some visitors today… some cute birdies 🙂We didn’t have much time after work to sit and watch them as we had a lot to do, but I took a few minutes to see what they were up to. They were sharing the seed that was spilled on the ground. The bigger bird seemed to almost help the little ones find the bigger … Read More Birdies

Gratitude in Change

It was a nice day again outside of the wind that just pounds our area over the past few years. I am grateful for the sun today and warmer temperatures that are coming. I have been going though another season of acceptance and change as spring begins to come. Do you go though those…you hear or see something that hits home with something you are struggle with, and it … Read More Gratitude in Change

Illuminating Blogger Award

I have been nominated for yet another award from a very sweet lady… Correna at Correna’s Thoughts.  She has many great hobbies and thoughts she shares. She has many wonderful recipes you should check out and her dog is a cutie 🙂  She has a wonderful grasp on her faith, which I enjoy about her posts 🙂 So now the rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award… The … Read More Illuminating Blogger Award

Sunny Sunday

It is a sunny and finally nice Sunday (despite the wind) 🙂 The weather is finally over 40* and the dogs are finally outside for more than five minutes 🙂 They seem to love sunning on the deck to get warm. It is nice to see the sun after so many cloudy, rainy, yucky days. It makes me motivated to get things done. Hope you all … Read More Sunny Sunday

God Smiles

Today is another therapy dog day. Baxter seems excited to be going somewhere and he has a special friend joining us. The day started out foggy… So foggy I couldn’t even see the neighbors barn. It is sleeting a little and rainy, but I am glad no snow as the chickens can still get out. I also can’t complain considering I know a lot of … Read More God Smiles

You’re Gonna Miss This

I was thinking after a yummy supper Sunday with friends that with all we have been walking though with the Lord that I am in need of a slow down. The song by Trace Adkins came to mind… You’re Gonna Miss This. If you are not familiar with the song it starts out talking about a young girl that wants to grow up too fast. First … Read More You’re Gonna Miss This

Chicken Sunday

No not an ice cream sunday with chicken…. it’s Sunday and here is a photo of one of our “ladies”…. I had a decent start to my week considering some not so happy things happened last week. I’m turning it over to God in hopes he will make things good. I was thinking about dreaming and reality and how sometimes we have to be … Read More Chicken Sunday


Not much to say this week… so here is a photo of a Cardinal that visits our bird feeders frequently 🙂 My Grandmas favorite bird 🙂 Hope your week is going well.

Lights n Snow

Thought I would share some more pictures from before the snow storm at Christmas… I love Christmas lights 🙂 And during the snow storm… I like how the camera got the sheeting snow against the tree 🙂 Hope you had a good Monday 🙂

Last of the snow…

Today we spent a little time outside cleaning up the yard . We then filled the bird feeders back up from the birds eating all the seed during the recent snow falls… Baxter and Chase have been enjoying running in the snow and playing in the yard. My Grandmother is still here due to her fall before Christmas so my Mom came back up … Read More Last of the snow…

Love after Christmas…

Our Christmas is over, but the snow still has lingered. I just love snow (especially when I don’t have to be out driving in it 😉 I took the pups out for a while to play… I just love the photos I got of my Chase in the snow… Baxter was a little under the weather so he came in, stayed in most of the … Read More Love after Christmas…

Merry White Christmas!

Christmas Eve my wish came true.. it snowed and snowed… it snowed until late in the night… It was a great way to bring in our saviors birthday… The dogs enjoyed playing in the snow and even let me snap a photo under a tree while they caught their breath… Some of our chickens came out and others hid from the snow… It was … Read More Merry White Christmas!