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Have you ever watched RFD-TV? Hubby and I just love it. We learn all about agriculture, animals, farming, ranching, and good ole’ county life. It reminds us of growing up in rural areas and where my family still lives in Nebraska. It helps us to know there is still hope for our farming/ ranching dream. Some days in the hustle and bustle of life our dreams of getting away … Read More RFD

Preparing for the Storm

The TV news is abuzz with pending hurricane Sandy…. It is projected to slam our area and we are getting ready. It always amazes me how city people and country people differ in how they prepare for a storm. You would think country people would freak out more and get more as they are not as close to stores, shops, etc. It always amazes … Read More Preparing for the Storm

Festival Day… if it doesn’t rain

Today the sun is trying hard to stay out from behind the clouds… The chickens are enjoying some grub in and out of the coop while they take turns laying. They use to all lay in on of the first boxes we built, but now only one or two lay there, and the others lay in the new back box we built in their new … Read More Festival Day… if it doesn’t rain