Have you ever watched RFD-TV? Hubby and I just love it. We learn all about agriculture, animals, farming, ranching, and good ole’ county life. It reminds us of growing up in rural areas and where my family still lives in Nebraska. It helps us to know there is still hope for our farming/ ranching dream.

Barn Farm

Some days in the hustle and bustle of life our dreams of getting away from the suburba-country, as we call it, seems so distant and out of reach. But watching thing that have to do with our dream makes it feel a little more obtainable and helps us keep our hope alive. It also helps us to know there are still good people and good Christians out there who want to do the right thing, grow good and healthy food, and care to help each other keep the dream alive. So today’s post is for all the farmers and ranchers out there. We appreciate what you do, how hard you work, and that you truly are the heart of America.

Preparing for the Storm

The TV news is abuzz with pending hurricane Sandy…. It is projected to slam our area and we are getting ready. It always amazes me how city people and country people differ in how they prepare for a storm. You would think country people would freak out more and get more as they are not as close to stores, shops, etc. It always amazes me though that city people buy more food/water/etc then they usually will use…. where country people are mostly prepared at all times and just get essentials or things they have run out of to last. Now I am not saying this to be mean, rude, or anything like that and I do not say it without my resources. In my area the grocery stores in the city sell out quicker and are busier in the days before a storm then the ones closer to the country folk. Also my city friends tend to tell me all the stuff they get and then what they have left over as usually their power (if it even goes out) come back quicker as the power companies tend to work from the cities out. So in preparation we are making sure our generator works, the chicken coop sides are put on to keep the water out, and all the things outside that can blow away are brought in or tied down. I took some time today to catch some fall leave pictures before the winds blew them away. Chase decided to help me out…

If the storm is also headed your way, I pray for safety for you and those you know that will be in the storm’s path. Have a safe weekend 🙂

Festival Day… if it doesn’t rain

Today the sun is trying hard to stay out from behind the clouds…

The chickens are enjoying some grub in and out of the coop while they take turns laying.

They use to all lay in on of the first boxes we built, but now only one or two lay there, and the others lay in the new back box we built in their new attached house. Chickens are funny.

The pups have been playing most of the morning, but seem to be taking a rest currently, watching over their chickens like good flock guards.

I am hopefully off soon to a Flower and Garden Festival in our area with my mom. I am waiting for her to get here so we can go and try to beat the rain that looks like it wants to come. The weather channel did say rain today. I think I will pray for it to hold off untill we get done. *Fingers Crossed *

Any of you have any festival plans for this weekend or anything fun planed? I hope and will say an extra prayer for the rain holds off in your area too if you are supposed to have some, till you get done with your day. (If you need some rain and are hoping for it I will send ours your way).