Summer Life

Don’t you just love spring and summer… not the heat or rain (they do have their benefits)… but spring and summer brings so much new life… The trees get leaves and flowers, the flowers bloom, the grass grows tall, and baby animals are born… These little guys were on a neighbor’s farm and just looked so cute in their field…Baby CowsThis particular farm had at least 6 or 8 new baby cows all over the field. This little guy kept an eye on us while we went past and gave me a little baby cow “mooooooo”… I think he was saying cow 2This little guy kept hiding his face from me… every time I went to get a shot of him, he kept looking down or eating.Baby CowBut his momma kept a sharp eye on me making sure I stayed outside the fence… I am sure she was not too happy with me being so close to her and the babies. Mom cow It is so nice to take a drive and see all the new baby animal in the fields resting, eating, and playing. The beauty of new life is so precious and is something to value and appreciate 🙂

Cow Face

It was another cloudy day, but the sun still tried to come out to play. We had a lot to do today and got it all done 🙂 The boys got to go with us all day and had a good time riding in their Daddy’s truck. On our travels we saw this big guy staring at us when we were at a stop sign…Cow Face

Happy Monday Mr. Cow… Have a happy week 😉

The lady is healing…

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend 🙂 This week has had its challenges and I am tired. Still I feel good that I can come home tonight play cards with my Grandma and blog to all my wonderful followers 🙂Cow n sky

Thought I would share a recent photo of the “ladies”. The “lady” that got hurt this past fall and we almost lost is on the right. She has filled out, gotten her feather’s back, and is doing well. We even think she is laying again 🙂


Hope you have a wonderful weekend 🙂