Texas Prayers

Prayers being sent to the people of Texas who have been affected by this terrible flooding…

cross book

Praying you are safe and if you have family down there that your family is safe. And thank you to all those who are able to go down and are there helping in any way they can. Praying for your safety as well.

Parrots of God

There is this place in Tennessee that is called Parrott Mountain. It’s way up on this mountain and the drive up is a little scary, but the trip is worth it. This whole park has rescued parrots and other types of birds in it. Parrotts

It was really cool as you could feed some of the parrots out of your hand…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Big and small…Parrott lorne feed

You could even feed them out of these little nectar cups…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  The nectar was warm and the little birds just loved it. We also got our photo with the birds all over us. This is the guy who put the birds on us… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All the birds on him ended up on us… our arms, hands, and shoulders. We bought a photo with the birds all over us, as 100% of the proceeds went to taking care of the birds. There also were all kinds of little parrots that were so cute… Parott multi

They had some interesting birds…ParottThe really cool thing about this place was there were mentions of God and Jesus all around this place in statues…TN Trip Sept 2013 184

rocks with Bible verses…TN Trip Sept 2013 185

and pretty water features…TN Trip Sept 2013 181

God was every where in this bird sanctuary. CrossIt was my favorite thing we did… horseback riding through the Smokey Mountain National Park almost tied it for first 😉 .

A Sunday Drive…

When I was a little girl my mom, dad, and I would always take Sunday drives. We would go all over the state and sometime to other states if time permitted. Sometimes our Sunday drives would happen on Saturdays if we wanted to drive too far, as usually Sunday we went to church. These are some of my favorite memories from my childhood.

When I met my husband he also had the same experience as a child so we decided to incorporate these “Sunday drives” into our relationship. We felt it was important to have this time and to keep them as part of our family traditions.  We really enjoy them and find it is really a time to connect, talk, and relax.

So today we took one of our drives after he got home from work. We drove into Maryland and I found a lot of photo opportunities. I thought I would share some.

First we went by this little church, I thought the stained glass windows and steeple were very neat.









On one of the back roads we had to put on our brakes rather quickly as a chicken almost ran out in front of us…






Then we found this little park we could walk the dogs along a stream.






















Next we found some neat farms, barns, and fence lines.







Some cows were wondering what I doing... I think they thought I was a crazy lady taking pictures of their farm.




















On the way home I saw some what looked like wooden crosses along side an old barn. I thought they were neat.








It was a nice day, despite the migraine I had, and I enjoyed the ride.

Do you have any family traditions you have carried over into your family now? Were you able to do any on those today?