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Nature in the Field

It’s a beautiful thing to see new baby deer in the fields. The new little baby deer are all over this year and I just LOVE seeing them play… This little one was hanging out in the field with its momma the other day… The dogs have also been excited to see these little guys as they love to try to figure out what they … Read More Nature in the Field

The Buck

While out the other day on one of our drives we saw so many deer out. It was the beginning of the afternoon and there were deer around every turn… every time we turned a corner or went down another road… there was another deer. In one field we saw this youngish buck…He stood there for a while until he was done looking at … Read More The Buck

What happens at sunset…

Sunset brings all kinds of events around our place… The chickens go in for the night, the dogs play in the yard enjoying the cooler weather, and all sorts of creatures come out and visit. Tonight we had our family of deer come over for a visit.. I tried to get better pictures but my camera was being funky taking them though the window … Read More What happens at sunset…