Wish… Deferred?

Have you ever had a wish or do you have a wish… a wish that is so deep down in your heart that you are afraid to say it out loud? A wish that you have wanted so bad and long that you stop saying it out loud and keep it buried inside. Something you have prayed for and hoped for that it seems impossible at times, but others times the hope pops up when you least expect it.


I have had a couple wishes like this and for a long time I moved between thinking I should give up and then times I know God can provide. Recently I have come upon the idea of thinking of these secret hopes and dreams as delayed. God can provide our hopes¬†and dream when they are in line with his plan for our lives, even when they seem impossible… but sometimes I have figured out in the mean time there are things I can do to prepare or to improve during periods of wait.


Many times we may think of our unanswered dreams as a yes or no thing… but there is the “wait” option. And during the waiting time we can improve ourselves, our lives, our perspectives, our families, our faith. Its not always easy or fun, but it is possible and often it helps to have purpose during times of wait. It also may be just what we need to be doing to be our best when our dreams do come ūüôā Do you have secret hopes in your heart? How do you cope during periods of wait?


I have been thinking a lot lately about hubby’s and my dreams…Star

Right now we have two major goals…

1.) Go through infertility treatment and try to have a family

2.) Save and work towards getting more land for our dream farm/ranch

Knowing¬†how big and expensive these goals are I know we need to make a plan and follow through. In the mean time while the pieces come together I dream of the farm/ranch and the first steps we need to take.¬†After getting the land we will need to get good fencing up, then we will need to get the animals and what we need to care for them. Hubby and I have experience with animals as hubby is a butcher and we both had experience raising animals when we were younger. I know we will have our chickens and I think we will start out with some goats and maybe pigs. So to get to know what we will need to do to take the best care of these animals we are studying, reading, and learning all we can about animal care. Just like we did before we got the chickens. I am also thinking of seeing if there are agriculture¬†classes near us I can take or online classes. Seems like we have a lot to do in order to get started… I’m already exhausted ūüėČ

Dreams of Gratitude…

Hubby and I have been talking a lot about our dreams lately. As some of you know we have a big dream to move from our current piece of land to a bigger place where we can have goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and maybe a horse or two. We would also like to raise a few crops and a big (big) garden. Right now we are in the planing stages of what we need financially, land,¬†and material wise to get our start. I am grateful I married a man who wants to live on a farm and raise any kids God may bless us¬†with, with¬†those values, skills, and a dedication to their work. I want my kids to know what I do and even more about animals, crops, and living off the land. I am grateful for our dreams and that I know all our dreams are in God’s hands and he knows how to care for them. Maybe some day we will get our land. Until then I enjoy¬†seeing farms still thriving as we go on our drives through what is left of the country in our area…Farm

Look what my husband brought home…

You will never guess what my husband brought home from the yard sale’s this weekend… We have never spent this much at a yard sale before…

Are you ready for this?

Three Farmall Tractors...










It appears he got a good deal and he and my Dad had decided to use them as projects they can do together. Any one want to buy a tractor??? They all run and start. The smallest is a Farmall Cub and has a woods mower on the bottom. We spent the afternoon mowing the back yard with the Cub, I am pretty sure my hubby and Dad want to keep this one.













The dogs had a grand day as they got to ride to help us pick them up. The Farmall H (the biggest one) I had to drive back home from the guy hubby bought them from, while my Dad brought the other two home on a trailer I loaded them on to. The dogs ran all around the yard and made themselves tired.













So after Chase took a rest he spotted something and took off after it…

A fox in the field...








I didn’t know if I should call him back or let him give that fox a message our hens are not for his dinner…

At this time our chickens were enjoying a nice snack of grain in their coop oblivious of their protector Chase going after that fox...













We got him back, but not until after he had scared the fox off…

The sun set just as we got done with things and it was another beautiful one ūüôā








Hope y’all had a great weekend. Have a blessed week ūüôā

Kids, Dogs, chickens, Birds, and exhaustion…

I spent the day watching my friends kids ages 2¬†and 7 months. For the purpose of this post we will call the 2-year-old little girl “L” and the 7 months old boy¬†“M”.¬†I was watching them so their mom and dad could get some things done. We started out the day collecting eggs (“L”¬†then spent the day telling anyone who would listen “we got 5 eggs then I broke one, but it was an accident so it’s ok”).










Then we had play time inside and a little outside with the chickens until it got too cold and “M” got sleepy. “L” decided she would sit with Chase and keep him company while she waited for “M” to wake up.













He was having a nice nap untill Baxter and Chase decided to protect the house from a man running by and their barking woke him up. “L” and I were making a craft and “M” joined us untill we were though trying to¬†eat all¬†the craft material “L” was trying to use. We had some lunch and then “L” decided¬†it was her nap time. It took a little while for¬†her to go to sleep, but “M” was out like a light. I used this time to do laundry and clean the mirrors in the house.

The little spot of blue is "M" curled up asleep at his sisters feet (he had plenty of room it just doesn't look like it from this angle)









After a 3 hour nap for “M” and¬†closer to a 2 hour nap for “L” my husband was home from work.¬†When the kids woke¬†up my husband let “L” help him fill the bird feeders and feed the chickens.










We then spent some time outside enjoying the sun that finally decided to come out and then it was inside¬†to start dinner. “L” loves to help in the kitchen and is actually¬†good for a 2-year-old.







Then their mom and dad came by for dinner (they brought the main course for dinner)¬†and took “L” and “M” home.

It’s kind of quiet around the house without them here now.¬†It makes me think of the day when my husband and I will be blessed with kids and wishful for these quiet nights… the only sounds are the frogs, crickets, dogs snoring, and the TV in the background.¬†I know I will sleep well tonight.

I hope you all had as good of a day as I did and got a lot done. Anything special happen in your life today? I wish you all many blessings in the coming week.

Rainy day…

It’s raining today. I don’t always like rainy Saturday as it usually interferes with what I have to do and I get a major headache from them. Today I am¬†ok with the rain as I need to clean house and get things back in order after our trip. I thought today would be a good one to share some more of my photos from our trip… Hope you enjoy !


I love this tire off a tractor that was getting repainted…


I took this picture as it reminds me of a barn that as a child I would have loved to pop in and out of the windows as a game.


This is one of those lovely evening sky.


This was the large sky I love in this part of the country.

My conference I went to yesterday was long, but very educational. I didn’t get home till 9 PM and was so tired I went to bed. I hope you have a good Saturday!

Sunsets and Thankfulness…








I love sunsets. There is something about the end of a day that God created special. It’s a time to reflect on the day and count your blessings.

10 Things I am thankful for today:

1. My faith

2. My husband

My love








3. My pups










4. My health

5. My family

6. My friends

7. The property and home we have

View from our back deck









8. The ability to serve others

9. The chickens







10. This day…

What are you thankful for? Let me know ūüôā

Roy Rogers and Horses

Today I was walking through the living room cleaning and saw my husband had Roy Rogers on the TV.¬†Now I don’t think he knew¬†what he was watching as¬†he was asleep. I remember as a kid watching reruns and wanting to ride a horse like Roy.¬†Now if you know anything about Roy you know he has a trusty horse Trigger and of coarse a dog Bullet¬†that can help him get the bad guys. I think Baxter and Chase would protect me if they had to, but I don’t think I could send them trailing after a bad guy and expect a lot of success. But, that’s ok they have other jobs they do very well.

Now back to Roy and riding… I have ridden since I was a little kid, but never was really brave enough to do any more than learn to barrel race and ride. I always wondered what it would be like to meet some of the old stars like Roy and know how they felt when riding. When my Dad had his accident and became paralyzed we had to sell our farm and most things on it to pay the bills. Since then my husband and I try to ride when we go on vacation or if we get other opportunities. This goes along with our dream to have our ranch/farm someday¬†so we can teach our kids to be responsible while having fun, just like Roy did.

I think that is what I like most about Roy. He always encouraged kids to be responsible, have faith, and to be active outdoors. He loved kids and despite lot of outside pressure never caved from his faith and his dedication to his family. On and off screen he fought for the good guys and showed true internal strength.

I hope some day my husband and I can show/teach these same values to our kids.

For now we can can practice with the dogs…

Have a good week. Love, Baxter and Chase

First Post

Spring 2010

I am sitting in my basement tonight writing this first post. I just finished locking the chickens in their coop for the night and my little dog Chase is always happy to help. The fire is blazing on this cold Virginia night as the wind whips around our house. It seems the last year the wind has been really bad in our neck of the woods.

Before I go any further maybe I should tell you a little more about me and why I decided to become a blogger. It all started one cold rainy night…. not… so seriously… I decided to write this blog as a memory bank not only for myself, but for any kids God decides to bless us with. We have been trying to start a family for a while now, but no luck yet. I have faith God will allow us a blessing when it is his time, so I just go on with daily life until it happens.

My husband and I got married in 2008 and have been together since 2006. We moved to a little piece of property in upper Virginia and have tried to set up a nice life for ourselves. Yet, we still have always had a secret ambition to move out west and start our own ranch or farm with some animals, land, and a nice place to raise our kids like we were raised. We have a couple of Dogs our oldest is a 3-year-old¬†black lab/blue tick named Baxter and a 1-year-old terrier mix¬†named Chase.¬†They have their own personalities, good and bad habits, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything (except maybe my husband if I had to). Baxter is a therapy dog.¬†I can take him to schools, nursing homes, libraries, and¬†any place that need him to cheer someone up or encourage reading in kids.


Chase Winter 2011

My father lives with my husband and I, as he was paralyzed in 2005 and can not live on his own anymore. Sometimes its tough, but other times a blessing.

That is the basics…

More to come…