Belated Labor Day…

Sorry this post is late USA, but I spent my Labor day with hubby and the boys hiking and spending good quality time together…

Boy are way in the distance running up under that big tree in the middle of the picture.

Boys are way in the distance running up under that big tree in the middle of the picture.

We had one of the best hikes we have had had in a while. Beautiful scenery, not too hard of a hike where we couldn’t talk and enjoy the scenery, but hard enough we got a decent work out. The dogs had a great time and when we stopped to rest they couldn’t stop smiling.


It was a fun and blessed Labor Day… so for give my lateness… Happy Labor Day!

Dog Days of Summer

Yesterday hubby and I took the pups with us to run errands and then we took them to a park where they could run free and get out some energy. They just love to run and play in a new place and always come back smiling 🙂 It just makes my heart so happy when they are having a fun time and doing what dogs love to do 🙂

Chase running

At this park there is an old house where hubby and I sat on the front porch steps and watched them play while eating ice cream hubby got us from Sweet Frog. Then we walked around with the pups to work off all that delicious ice cream. The great thing about Sweet Frog is that they have dairy and gluten free ice creams so I can always find something good there and they have a toping bar – enough said 😉 I usually get the same toppings, but hubby mixes it up 🙂 (Sweet Frog did not pay me to say it… it’s jut the truth from my perspective).

ice cream

Our dogs always get to lick the bowels where the ice cream was as a treat and we always provide plenty of water in said bowls so the dogs get a little extra ice cream flavor in their water. They love this occasional treat of a run and ice cream water 😉 And hubby and I love to make them happy boys 🙂

Trail Bridge

We went on a nice long walk this evening. It was cool enough on this trail we like to just take out time and walk. The dogs seemed to really enjoy themselves, yet were happy when we got back to the truck as they were ready to have the windows down and ride home. I love it when we get to explore on a trail. We went on a different part of this trail and a little further then normal. On one part of the trail there is this old bridge the train goes over…Stone BridgeThe trail we take runs parallel at times to some train tracks. Often when walking we have a train rumbling by us. The dogs have gotten used to the noise and don’t pay it any mind now. It’s neat to see the trains go by and try to guess what is in the cars. This trail was really peaceful today and we didn’t run into many others on it, so at time it felt as it belonged just to us. It was a good end to the day. Now that we are home the chickens have finally come out as the heat went down and are pecking around the yard. Happy chickens I hope will lead to good eggs 🙂 Hope you had a blessed Saturday and blessings for the week to come 🙂

Frist Walk of Spring

We finally got a really nice day yesterday and had time to take the dogs for a walk/run… Our boys love it when they get to go to certain parks as there is opportunity for them to run and explore off leash and still be safe so we don’t worry. I just love to watch the progression of a dog in mid run…Chase run 1Chase run 2Chase run 3
How cute is Chase when he is in his happy run… I see you smiling 😉

And Baxter had to get in on the happy running action too… Baxter RunI just love my boys, a sunny day, and a nice walk 🙂 (and hubby being with us too… that is icing on the cake walk 😉 )

Enjoying the Snow…

I just love the snow…Snow

Yesterday we had snow flurries all day. It was so relaxing and calming. I needed a calming day and I sure got it. Some of the day it was snowing so much it was hard to see and then it would slow down and big flakes would float to the ground so peacefully.  I got a chance to slow down and get things done like baking, cooking, and chores that I was behind on.

I even got a chance to take the dogs for a nice long walk in the snow…Chase face snow

During the walk it was so quiet you could hear everything so clearly… the crunch of the snow, the rustle of the dogs and my jackets, the birds, the trees rustling…Bax snow face

Even the chickens came out for a bit and explored the snow when it was just light flurries…Chkn snowThe day was also not too cold as the wind had stopped and it made it easier to be outside:) It left a little snow on the ground for today which was pretty. Since I finally got my new tires on the car today I am ready for any more snow that may come now 🙂

Down by the river…

Yesterday we went for a hike with the dogs at one of the battlefields we like in the summer as it has a river that the dogs can play in.

Chase is loving the water

Let me clarify… Chase loves to be in the water and our lab, as some of you know, hates the water. We are lucky if we can get his paws in the river…

Baxter walked on the shore as we walked in the water.

The trails are not long, but they are a good walk and walking in the water is a good bonus. Hopefully the more Chase loves walking in the deeper water he may learn to swim. Maybe he will even get Baxter in on the fun of the water. 😉 We are hoping to go back tomorrow to get in the river again.

Ten Things Tuesday… Ten Reasons I Love My Dogs

So I decided I wanted to set aside a day to be grateful and look at my blessings. So while I can Tuesdays will be Ten Things Tuesdays…

Today I will go over… Ten Things I Love about My Dogs

10. They are smart.








9. They humor me dressing them up.






8. They know when you need them and are always there for you.

7. They are funny to watch run and play.






6. They are good with kids.







5. They are protective.







4. They are good company.







3. They keep me active and love the outdoors as much as I do.








2.  They always greet me when I get home at the door with kisses and smiles.







1. All the Love