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Happy Saturday!

Wishing you a bright, blessed, and beautiful fall Saturday! I hope you are enjoying the day.

Fall Has Arrived

It’s finally feeling like fall around here. The trees are changing and the temperatures are cooler. It’s been great for walks, porch sitting in the evening with a cup of coffee, and just being outside. The boys have really enjoyed being outside and exploring. Even our old man Baxter who is 14 now and having trouble waking at times wants to be out exploring … Read More Fall Has Arrived

Surprise It’s Fall!

I blinked and it is already fall. I don’t know what it is… being so busy, this virus throwing things a little wonky, or just the fact that every year seems to go by faster and faster… but a friend of mine texted me today to say Happy First Day of Fall and I was like “whoa it is already fall”! How did that … Read More Surprise It’s Fall!


Autumn is upon us… I love it

I love fall. If I had to pick a favorite season I would choose fall. It is the season hubby and I were married in, it has great weather for my boots, jeans and a vest, its not too rainy, its not too hot or too cold, and its the beginning of the good food season… hot apple cider, soups, stews, roasts, and all sorts of … Read More Autumn is upon us… I love it

October has come…

And is almost gone… Today we finally got time and went to a local pumpkin farm to get out pumpkins. It was a fun time and now we are looking more fall at our place. Hope your fall is going well. 🙂

Sun to Snow

Just a few days ago the leaves on the trees were beautiful, the sun was out, and the weather cool but not too cold. Our trees in the front yard gave off a gorgeous color… Monday it was cold, but hubby was still able to get out and work on the tractors and start a fire… Today however on the day before Thanksgiving it looks … Read More Sun to Snow

A Cold Fall…

I don’t know what happened to Fall this year. It seems it went right from summer to winter. Today it was so cold it nipped my nose and froze my toes. It was a good thing I was inside today more then outside. Good thing on the occasional Fall day I got to go out and get things done. While we were in TN … Read More A Cold Fall…

From Chases eyes…

Being a dog is sometimes hard work… especially when your mom makes you take photos and you have to look cute… Sometimes the sun is in your eyes or you are so tired and the weather so nice you fall asleep… Other times it is just nice to close your eyes and smell the air… (moms usually don’t like that, but I got away … Read More From Chases eyes…

Happy Fall Ya’ll

Fall has come with some crazy temperature changes this year. For a couple days it’s in the 30’s and 40’s during the day and 30’s and 20’s at night …. then it’s in the 60’s in the day and 40’s at night. I think it has confused the trees as they have changed all of a sudden and dropping their leaves quicker then I … Read More Happy Fall Ya’ll

Preparing for the Storm

The TV news is abuzz with pending hurricane Sandy…. It is projected to slam our area and we are getting ready. It always amazes me how city people and country people differ in how they prepare for a storm. You would think country people would freak out more and get more as they are not as close to stores, shops, etc. It always amazes … Read More Preparing for the Storm

Signs of Smiles :)

It smells like fall finally. 🙂 On my way home tonight I had my windows down and I smelled the leave and all the scents of fall. It was so nice after a long day. There are certain things that make me happy when I see them or smell them… the smell of fall, cookies baking,  a butterfly, a rainbow, a bible, my dogs, … Read More Signs of Smiles 🙂

Fall Sky…

I posted a photo similar to this in the spring, but got another this fall. We were outside tonight hooking up the trailer for my Dad to take to get the electric in the brakes fixed and the sky was just too pretty to pass up. I just love to look at a sky and can stop for a moment and see it as … Read More Fall Sky…