Have you ever watched RFD-TV? Hubby and I just love it. We learn all about agriculture, animals, farming, ranching, and good ole’ county life. It reminds us of growing up in rural areas and where my family still lives in Nebraska. It helps us to know there is still hope for our farming/ ranching dream.

Barn Farm

Some days in the hustle and bustle of life our dreams of getting away from the suburba-country, as we call it, seems so distant and out of reach. But watching thing that have to do with our dream makes it feel a little more obtainable and helps us keep our hope alive. It also helps us to know there are still good people and good Christians out there who want to do the right thing, grow good and healthy food, and care to help each other keep the dream alive. So today’s post is for all the farmers and ranchers out there. We appreciate what you do, how hard you work, and that you truly are the heart of America.

Illuminating Blogger Award

I have been nominated for yet another award from a very sweet lady… Correna at Correna’s Thoughts.  She has many great hobbies and thoughts she shares. She has many wonderful recipes you should check out and her dog is a cutie 🙂  She has a wonderful grasp on her faith, which I enjoy about her posts 🙂 light bulb concept

So now the rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award…

The Rules:

Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you (see above)

Say a few words of gratitude on your blog and follow the link (see above)

Share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers

About Me:

I am a country girl at heart. I would rather be on a farm tending animals or working in the garden than anywhere else on earth. I have a strong faith in God, even when things are tough (as they were this past year), I keep having faith that our dreams will come true some day. I have a strong, loving, and hard-working husband who I am blessed to know his love.  I love animals, especially my two pups Baxter and Chase. They are my bright spot in each day and bless my life. I love to help others especially kids. I also enjoy raising the chickens we have and getting fresh eggs. I enjoy scrapbooking, canning, crafts,  and cooking… yet my big hobby is baking 🙂

Now for the nominations…

I just adore the blog http://feedyardfoodie.wordpress.com/  by Anne. She is a hard-working lady who always seeks to have great animal care for her feed yard in Nebraska. She has drive, ambition, and is one smart lady 🙂 Every time I read her blog I learn so much and am inspired 🙂

Another lady’s blog I enjoy is http://gullringstorpgoatsblog.wordpress.com/ She has a farm where she raises goats and also goes to Paris to see the ballet 🙂 I just love that she can fit in to the country or the city (just like me).

I just came across the blog http://huskercowgirl.wordpress.com/ by Meghan. She is another country girl and her blog is just smack full of information. I think any farmer/rancher is an inspiration especially one who does as much as it seems Meghan does.

Another blog you might enjoy as I do is http://grandparentsplus2.wordpress.com/. It is a great blog with many topics including gardening, animals, and story about her grandkids. It is a good place to get a smile 🙂

Need a good scripture for thought or to lift you up, a funny picture, or a little glimpse of sunny Florida ? Visit http://godssceneryandpromises.wordpress.com She also has a really cute husky dog that seems to love his Florida home. I like this blog as Florida is where I was born so it is nice to be able to visit it though this blog 🙂

I have a few more, but since it says 5 I will keep the other’s for another award. Congrats ladies and keep up the good blogging 🙂

2013 Seasonsgirl

Its January 1st, 2o13… Happy New Year to all my followers and visitors. Its time to get started and focus on some dreams we have and the main one is achieving our dream of a farm/ranch. ducks n pond

In order to do this we need to do a few things… pick a location, figure out how to fund our dream, and figure out the details about how to get to the goal. We know some of the bigger details (and some of the smaller ones)…. we want a good amount more land then we have now, we want to have goats/chickens/cattle/ and maybe pigs, we want to have some crops like hay to support the animals feed, and we want a large garden that will give us the veggies/fruits we need and will be able to can for the winter months. Tractor

All of this in efforts to live a life for God, live more for our self suffency,  and to raise our kids (if we may be blessed with them) in this farming/ranching lifestyle. We know it won’t be easy, it won’t always be fun, but it will provide us with more self-sufficiency and a way to contribute to the greater good.

Have you had a dream similer to ours and if so any practical advice on how to get to our goal?

Dreams of Gratitude…

Hubby and I have been talking a lot about our dreams lately. As some of you know we have a big dream to move from our current piece of land to a bigger place where we can have goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and maybe a horse or two. We would also like to raise a few crops and a big (big) garden. Right now we are in the planing stages of what we need financially, land, and material wise to get our start. I am grateful I married a man who wants to live on a farm and raise any kids God may bless us with, with those values, skills, and a dedication to their work. I want my kids to know what I do and even more about animals, crops, and living off the land. I am grateful for our dreams and that I know all our dreams are in God’s hands and he knows how to care for them. Maybe some day we will get our land. Until then I enjoy seeing farms still thriving as we go on our drives through what is left of the country in our area…Farm

Inspiring Awards…

I have been nominated for two more awards… the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and Inspiring Blogger Award… I am not sure if they are the same thing… but since I don’t know I am going to address both of them.  I didn’t want to wait much longer to thank the generous bloggers who gave me the award nominations. Thank you Literary Tiger from http://literarytiger.wordpress.com and Simply Joys from http://lesseffort.wordpress.com .  Simple Joys has some lovely photos and quotes in a simple and elegant way. Literary Tiger has a whole blog about books… don’t we all love books 🙂

The rules appear the same for both so I will do them as such…. 

1.  Thank the person who nominated you -(see above)

2.  Share 7 things about yourself.

3.  Nominate 15 other bloggers that you admire or inspire you

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My Seven things…

  1.  I love to read the bible and learn all I can about how to be a better person.
  2. I enjoy looking at and tending flowers.. they always make me smile.
  3. I like old records and listing to music… you can use music to make you feel better, calm you down, wake up, etc.
  4. I like to play board games.
  5. I enjoy hiking, especially with the pups 🙂
  6. I love old tractors. I think farmers are an important part of our country and are not acknowledged enough. I learned to drive a big farm tractor almost as soon as I could see above the steering wheel.
  7. I believe in trying to do one good deed a day to bless someone else.

The nominations for the Inspiring Blog Award…

Ok so this was hard the last time… so many of you have already received these awards. So I chose a few I saw did not have this award/badge.
















Thanks again  Literary Tiger from http://literarytiger.wordpress.com and Simply Joys from http://lesseffort.wordpress.com I enjoy both your blogs. Many blessings to all of my followers 🙂

Just a quick note…

I know I said yesterday today would be ten things Thursday… it will be … Check back tonight.

As for now I thought I would share the above photo I caught the other day on the way to work and a picture of my chicken girl to hold you over till I get home tonight 🙂 This little lady is trying to get into my expanded garden to eat all the yummies coming up… I think the fence spoiled her plan 🙂