I found a Bible verse the other day that was very encouraging and I thought I would share it with you today:

2 Samuel 22:31 –  As for God, his way is perfect, the word of the Lord proves true, he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

2 Dalias

I hope it encourages you today and helps you get though the end of your week 🙂

Chicken sick… poor girl

We have a sick chicken. I tried what the feed store lady suggested and only minimal improvement. The poor girl 😦 About a week ago I noticed her crown had slumped over and she was not as peppy. When I picked her up she was skinny and when I watched her I noticed her potty was runny. The feed store lady suggested goat dewormer and I had seen that suggested several times on Backyard chicken site. So we tried it and I see minimal difference.

Yellow dalia

So today I tried other things like checking for egg binding and crop impaction. I didn’t see she had either, but gave her a nice Epsom salt bath and gave her some mashed carrots that had crushed calcium and olive oil in it. I figured it wouldn’t hurt. She seemed to like the mixture and ate some of it. She took a nap and I saw she actually drank water. So now I am out of diagnosis and ideas… Any of you have any ideas? I can post pictures if that will help or give you more information if you want to know something specific. I just hate to see her sick. None of the other girls are sick so that is good 🙂 Thanks for any help you may have 😉

Happy Mothers Day Mom…

We had an exciting weekend. I took my mom yesterday to the farmers markets in the morning and before lunch surprised her by taking her to a Celtic festival where we ate and saw a lot of neat things. After the festival we took her to a seafood restaurant for dinner, as she loves seafood. I was hoping to make it a special one day early mother’s day as she had to travel home today after church. She seemed to really enjoy what I had found for us to do and my step-father was a good sport enjoying these things with us.


In years past I haven’t had time to plan anything really good for mothers day or there hasn’t been anything good going on… so it was nice to be able to plan a nice day for her 🙂 Happy mothers day to all the Moms out there and a very special Happy Mothers Day to my MOM 🙂

Beautiful Flutterby Suprise

Every once in a while you get to be in the right place at the right time for the good shot. It’s even harder with animals and insects as they are always moving. I was blessed recently to get one of those moments. My mom was up the other weekend and walked to our mailbox. She came back in, had me get my camera, and follow her down the driveway. At the end of the driveway she showed me what she had seen and I was able to be at the right place to see this….Butterfly yellow

Do you see them? They almost blend in with the flowers and if it wasn’t for their movement mom and I might have missed them.Butterfly yellow 5

They stayed on the flowers for a really long time. I hope they did this as they knew we wouldn’t hurt them and just wanted to capture this beauty.Butterfly yellow 3

They stayed on the flowers almost still. I am guessing they were drinking in the pollen and resting.Butterfly yellow 2

The one seemed to turn so we could capture all his/her good sides 🙂Butterfly yellow 6

Another turn…Butterfly yellow 4

I just love to look at these pictures and think of how much beauty and peace these butterflies bring. It was just such a beautiful and peaceful moment to have. I am glad I had someone to share it and enjoy it with.

Friends and Flowers

Sun shining, blue clouds, a nice breeze that kisses your cheek, and the rain holding off until our company left. It was a nice weekend… our friends came over on Saturday and we had a lovely dinner and conversation. They enjoyed watching the chickens peck at the food we threw out for them and my friends husband took quite a liking to Chase our younger dog. Baxter did some tricks to get some scraps of meat from our friend… what a ham 😉 I made some centerpieces like ones I saw in a magazine.4th flowersI think they came out nice… They did the trick as they were low enough to see over, but still provided color and something nice to look at during our meal. I used different flowers then the magazine and added only one flag. I found the flowers on sale and had the flags from last year. I hope they last this week as we are having more friends over for a cookout on Friday for the 4th. Since hubby works late on the 4th of July we will celebrate on Friday. I hope it will be a blessed week for you and those you love 🙂

Friendly Weekend

It is the weekend again. It was a mostly productive week and we got many things completed we needed to. The new roosts for the chickens are in, the front porch is done, the yard is mowed/trimmed…Yellow flower We are having some friends over for a cookout tomorrow and are looking forward to it 🙂 They are friends we have had for about 8 or so years. We are planning a nice spread, including our lovely ladies eggs for deviled eggs 🙂 I am sure the dogs will love it as they love visitors they know 🙂 I will keep it short and sweet and just say… Have a blessed and happy weekend 🙂

New Flower Garden

While hubby and I were fixing up our front porch we used some of the extra concrete to fill in some holes by the side walkway to our house. It left quite a mess in the grass area so I tried to figure out how to get rid of or cover up the mess… then it came to me… add a slightly raised flower garden over top and along the edge of the walkway…Gerber DaisyThis way it helps cover up the mess and provides some better definition for the walkway to our side door. I liked the way it turned out…New gardenI then had to figure out what flowers to add. Normally I like perennials, but they didn’t have any pretty ones when we went to the garden center so I picked these annuals…. The pretty Gerber daisy above. Then two of these multi colored duster like flowers to go on either side…Hot flowersHot flowers 2Finally these pretty delicate pink and white flowers on either end…sml flowerI am quite happy with how it came out and it makes me smile each time I go out the side door…New Garden 2It is amazing what a little flower garden can do for your mood 🙂

Sunny Thoughts

Today, since it is raining, since it is cloudy, and since I can’t be outside… I thought I would share a sunny day photo and sunny thoughts.Tulips fenceWhat I most like about a sunny day is it makes you happy. The sun has a way of turning a bad mood around and helps you feel better. The sun is warm and feels nice on your face. The sun helps the flowers grow and your vegetable garden grow yummy food. The sun makes the chickens happy and keeps the dogs outside longer. The sun makes things easier to do outside (except in the extreme heat then a little shade is nice 😉 ) The sun reminds me of childhood day playing outside with my friends with a dog in tow or swimming in the bay 🙂 I am looking forward to some more sunny days 🙂

Happy Earth Day…

It is earth day… a day focused on how we can help keep the earth beautiful that God made so long ago. It is hard to imagine how beautiful and clean the earth was when God created it. It is saddening to think of all the damage humans have done to earth. It is good to know at least now we can do things like recycle, use less fuel, plant trees, plant our own food, care for our land, and so much more. All these small things help the big picture. We may not be able to control how big corporations harm our earth, but we can control what we do. Yel n red tulip

We planted two tress this year in honor of earth day, we care for our land, we car pool, recycle, and plant our food without pesticides… How are you going to celebrate our earth today and how are you going to give back to the planet you live on?

Flower and Garden Festival

Yesterday my mom and step-father came up for the local Flower and Garden Festival held in a couple towns over from us. It was a sunny day, but again that old wind showed its cold breath. It was warmer when the wind was not blowing, but when Mr. Wind came around you needed a warm jacket and hat. Luckily the sunshine showed all day and warmed your face 🙂 Yel Tulips

The festival is one we attended last year for the first time and had such a fun time. This year it seemed there were not as many vendors or flowers, but the flowers that were there showed their beauty.multi tulips

There were a lot of other fun things there too…Birdhouse

And the crowd was huge again…Croud

I felt like I was being watched at times…Owls

But it turned out to be some cute little owls 😉 And maybe a turtle…Turtle

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