It’s nice to have friends you can count on… ones that are really there to help when you need it. Ones who support you and give you really advice and care even if it’s not what you always want to hear.

It’s also great to be that kind of friend. Someone who is there for others when they need you, even if it may be an inconvenience to you.

Hope you have those kind of friend/friends in your life as well as being that kind of friend to others you care about.

Missing Friend

It is already half way though the week and I don’t know where the time went. Baxter and Chase are missing their friend, but have adjusted back to their routine.

Best of Friends

Best of Friends

We let them spend some extra time outside running today as it was so nice. The weather was just beautiful and made you not want the day to end. After I got off work I was able to enjoy the beautiful sun and breeze with the pups 🙂  I could see at times the pups checked the drive way when they heard a car going by slowly… maybe seeing if their friend was back. Don’t worry Baxter and Chase…He will be back and we are going to visit him next year 🙂

Barn of the day and this day…


Another barn we found on our trip… I am currently with the kiddos I am watching for my friend and will post more on the adventures of the kiddos and dogs later. The chickens are in the yard and we have a couple more chickens laying now. The eggs are delicious 🙂

A visitor to our little farm…

Today we had visitors to our little part of the earth. Our friend and my husbands second cousin came over with her two kids. Her daughter loves our dogs and chickens and was so excited to see them.

She loves to pet them

She especially loved to feed them…

We feed the chickens.












She also wanted to play in the yard and was curious about the noises from the back field.

It was very windy today.

She was telling the dogs not to bother the chickens.













The dogs love having kids over so much they followed her where ever she goes…

Chase won't let her far from his sight.












Baxter shares a kiss.

We enjoyed our visitors today… I know the dogs and chickens did 🙂