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Road Trip 2016

So I have been missing for a while… life got busy, I had so much going on, and I had a long road trip to go on with hubby and the pups. Hubbys nephew graduated from high school so we started out going to Indiana… Then to Arkansas… with other trips to Missouri and Oklahoma. Oh my I loved this road trip because of beautiful … Read More Road Trip 2016


So as promised yesterday I will fill you in on our trip. Today its all about the graduate (my hubbys nephew and so by marriage my nephew as well) 🙂 He graduated from a small Christian academy in Indiana. His father (my brother-in law), is the pastor at this smallish church and one day about a decade ago he and my sister in law … Read More Graduation…

Roses and Rain

We had a few nice days in a row here, now there is rain predicted for the next three. I am not too excited about that, but it will do the garden good. The rain last week helped my flowers and vegetables to grow as you can see from this rose-bush…Now I have a few more things to put in the garden if the … Read More Roses and Rain