Happy Veterans Day!

Today in the USA is Veterans Day. As I watched some TV today there were lots of programs and shows honoring veterans. But as I watched them it struck me how they seemed to skim over the real “honoring” part. Some shows did a great job, while others said a short thank you and moved on.

Dogs 4th

I want to try to make up a little for where our culture falls short on really appreciating the men and women who sacrifice so our country can maintain its freedoms. These men and women sacrifice their time, family life, sleep, safety, happiness, comforts, and even their lives for the rest of us who live in the USA. You aren’t appreciated enough and are often taken for granted, but… I want to say a big THANK YOU … MY FAMILY APPERCIATES YOU… YOU ARE OUR HEROS… and so much more to those of you who have ever served in the military in any capacity and for those of you who currently serve THANK YOU and you are in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your families 🙂


I got home tonight and decided to check my blog and respond to some comments and low and behold I saw this:



Gratitude in Change

It was a nice day again outside of the wind that just pounds our area over the past few years. I am grateful for the sun today and warmer temperatures that are coming.sky n field

I have been going though another season of acceptance and change as spring begins to come. Do you go though those…you hear or see something that hits home with something you are struggle with, and it sparks a need to change?  I realize like Job from the Bible we have to praise God in the good and in the bad. As Job said ” Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?” (Job 2:9). It is easy to praise God and be grateful when things are going good, but shows real character when we can praise him and be grateful when things are not going our way or when things are bad. That is a goal I have now… gratitude all the time, especially since most of the time things don’t go well or the way I would like 😉  I am hoping this habit will stick 🙂

You’re Gonna Miss This

I was thinking after a yummy supper Sunday with friends that with all we have been walking though with the Lord that I am in need of a slow down. The song by Trace Adkins came to mind… You’re Gonna Miss This.

If you are not familiar with the song it starts out talking about a young girl that wants to grow up too fast. First she is anxious to get out on her own and have her own place. It then shows her as a young adult in her own place and all she wants is to be married and own a home. The next part of the song is about her getting married and then all she wants is kids. It finally ends with her having kids and wishing they would be older and easier to care for. In each stage of her life she has someone tell her to slow down, appreciate what she has in the moment, as when it is gone she is going to miss that stage of her life. Now I may not have the song exact, but it is my best description of what I see in the song.

It got me to thinking about how in each part of my life I have been really good at accepting and enjoying each phase as it came. When I wasn’t I would pray about it then somehow be able to go back to being happy right where I was. That was untill I was more than two years into infertility treatment. So I looked to this song to provide some perspective and ability to continue to hope and have faith for the future.

If you want to check it out go to… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIBediEAcUQ It is a good reminder no matter where you are to be grateful. I need to work on being content, as I have said before I have a loving husband, two fun-loving pups, a home, chickens (and their yummy eggs), family, and a job.bax snow Goodness from God 🙂

Gratitude in giving…

Tonight I got to give a little girl just what she asked for this Christmas…. a horse 🙂


She was very happy and hubby and I were happy to give her what she wanted 🙂 Sometimes giving provides the best kind of gratitude 🙂 Isn’t that what this season is suppose to be about. God gave to us so we can give to others. In turn we can be greatful for what we have. I hope you have enjoyed this weeks posts on Gratitude… will be moving on to another Christmas value/feeling tomorrow 🙂

Lights of Gratitude…


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrateful for Christmas lights and having seen so many in my life… even the ones at the White House 🙂

Dreams of Gratitude…

Hubby and I have been talking a lot about our dreams lately. As some of you know we have a big dream to move from our current piece of land to a bigger place where we can have goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and maybe a horse or two. We would also like to raise a few crops and a big (big) garden. Right now we are in the planing stages of what we need financially, land, and material wise to get our start. I am grateful I married a man who wants to live on a farm and raise any kids God may bless us with, with those values, skills, and a dedication to their work. I want my kids to know what I do and even more about animals, crops, and living off the land. I am grateful for our dreams and that I know all our dreams are in God’s hands and he knows how to care for them. Maybe some day we will get our land. Until then I enjoy seeing farms still thriving as we go on our drives through what is left of the country in our area…Farm

Barns of Gratitude

While driving hubby and I do a lot fo talking and I do a lot of thinking. As many of you know I love old barns and taking photos of them… on a recent trip I saw this old barn and it was decked out old fashion style for Christmas….

Barn with wreath

I feel blessed and grateful that there are still places like this for kids to see as I sure appreciate them 🙂

Thankful Day…

Today is a day to be thankful… to count your blessings… to realize how good we have it despite our struggles… a day to praise God for all he has given us… a day… but why just a day? Why do we wait untill Thanksgiving or Christmas to tell those around us we love them, we forgive them, we need forgiveness, we are grateful… this should happen each day as we never know when it will be our last opportunity to say… I love you… I’m sorry… I forgive you… I am grateful.

God… I am grateful for my salvation and the promise of heaven… I love you.

So for my husband… I am grateful for your love, patience, and support… I love you.

My Mom… I am grateful for your support, help, and letting me try so many things when I was growing up… I love you.

My Dad… I am grateful for you teaching me to work hard and not be limited by being a girl… I love you.

My Grandmother… I am grateful for you teaching me about baking and being patient while I learned… I love you.

My Pups… I am grateful for your unconditional love and for making me smile… I love you.

My friends… I am grateful for your friendship and support… You are important to me.

My blog followers… I am grateful you find the time to read my blog, comment, and like my posts… I feel blessed so many of you stop by daily 🙂


Well tempered…

It was a well-tempered whether day today… not too hot… warm with a cool breeze… sometimes a little chilly breeze… but a good day to work in the yard. This day reminded me of this flower picture I got at the wildlife park Saturday…

I got off work early and came home to do some spring cleaning and help hubby in the yard. I saw some cute critters while working and thought I would share them with you.






I am greatfull that lots of things got done today… the yard got mostly mowed, the front flower bed around the tree got fixed new mulch put in, the trees got trimmed, the mower got fixed, laundry got done, house got cleaned, new basketball net got put up, and dinner was cooked. It was a productive day, especially since I didn’t do much over the weekend due to bring sick and having other plans. I hope you also had a productive and well-tempered Monday and I wish you many blessings this week 🙂

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