Hay Feeling

What a long week. So much to do and no time for sleep. It has also been one HOT week with terms in the upper 90*’s and with the humidity felt in the 100*’s. Not much opportunity to work outside for too long. It will be a good that there isn’t a lot to do this weekend and inside chores can get done. On my drives home and around this week it seems the collecting of hay is coming to and end this season…Hay and CornThere is something special about haying season… I am not sure what it is… maybe the beautiful gold’s in the field being collected and bundled for use… maybe its the bales all lined up in rows or stacked so high… maybe its the feeling knowing that the animals will be fed another year… what ever it is, it’s a good feeling. I hope you all have a nice, relaxing, and feel good weekend 🙂

Snow to Sun

Two days ago it looked like this…Fence snow

Today it was sunny and looked like this…Red Barn

Funny how it can go from freezing to sunny… not to say it wasn’t freezing even though it was sunny the wind was blowing so hard. I was expecting to come home and find the chickens unable to move and frozen against the fence. They were all moving around when I got home and appeared happy so all was well. I hope the wind goes away. I have a lot to do outside next week. 🙂