We lost one…

I know my blog is usually happy and I try to have a positive spin… but tonight I am sad as we just lost our first chicken. I am sure some of you remember last year I wrote about our girl who has “poopy butt”. With help from my blogging chicken neighbors I was able to nurse her back to health. Last week we started to notice a little of it coming back, but she was still laying, her crown was still red and she was drinking and eating well. Yesterday she seemed fine and was fighting with her sisters for some treats we had put out. This morning hubby let the girls out and she was with them. Tonight we went to do our normal clean the coop, feed, change the water, etc routine and hubby noticed she was laying under the heat lamp and not appearing to want to move. We noticed she had the “poopy butt” back and so we took her inside to clean her and get some meds into her. We planed to keep her in the cage we use for sick or hurt ladies untill she got better again. unfortunately, after we brought her in and were preparing to put her in the sink to clean her up she had spasms and went limp. I admit I have tried to prepare myself for this day. Our chickens are not “pets”, but they are special as all animals you own are. I was sad and disappointed I hadn’t done anything earlier, or hadn’t seen the sign better. She is in chicken heaven now.Chkn snow

I also have another issue with a chicken I want your input on. We have a girl who lost some feather on the front of her throat and we thought it was from jumping the fence and she had already molted. The feathers have not come back and now her throat where the feather’s were is red and looks irritated. We use this spray that is purple and it seems to help for a bit, but when it wears off it is red again within the day. Any ideas on what it could be or how to treat it? I will try to post a photo tomorrow as I couldn’t get her to hold still today. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Home Values and Love

The boys are trying to stay as cool as they can today. It tried to rain earlier, but that only made the humidity go up. I was out earlier this morning in the garden watering and checking on the plants. Things seem to be growing well. I wanted to water before it got too hot and caused all the water to evaporate.

When I got home the chickens were staying cool in the shade. (Aren’t “the girls” so cute ūüėČ )

I am in the mood for wadding… the river that runs through the battlefield we went to earlier in the week is calling my name…

This weekend promises to¬†be a busy one. Tomorrow I am going over to the elderly couples house we bought the tractors from (https://seasonsgirl.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/look-what-my-husband-brought-home/) to help them clean. They asked me if I could come over to help them clean house once a month as they are having difficulty keeping up. Then hubby and I have errands to run, house to clean (for Sunday),¬†and want to¬†take the pups for a walk. Sunday we have my husband’s best friend and his family coming over for lunch and to hang out.

I have been thinking lately more and more about if our home portrays the values and beliefs we have. When friends, family, and their kids come over¬†(we have had a lot of visitors over the last few months) do they see our belief in God, our love for others, and our love for each other. I am happy to say in most¬†areas we are doing well, but there is always room for improvement. I think you can make New Years resolutions¬†all year-long… so mine for the next few weeks is to see if there are ways I can create a warm, God valued filled, and healthy environment for those who come into our home.¬† Is there anything you do to create this in your home?