Snow Dogs on the Hunt

Our boys love to play in the snow especially when you are out with them. They love to run in any wide open space and find new places to explore.

Baxter snow

Our Chase is pretty intrigued when he is around any barn and is always trying to sniff out the critters. He is usually on high alert during these times not wanting to miss a thing.

chase barn

The have enjoyed the snow now that it isn’t so cold and windy, yet now the snow is almost gone and the grass is showing, so there probably won’t be much snow for them to play in tomorrow. That’s okay because warmer weather means more hiking and walking on trails. Do you have any favorite trails or hiking spots near you that you or you and your pups like to go?

Belated Labor Day…

Sorry this post is late USA, but I spent my Labor day with hubby and the boys hiking and spending good quality time together…

Boy are way in the distance running up under that big tree in the middle of the picture.

Boys are way in the distance running up under that big tree in the middle of the picture.

We had one of the best hikes we have had had in a while. Beautiful scenery, not too hard of a hike where we couldn’t talk and enjoy the scenery, but hard enough we got a decent work out. The dogs had a great time and when we stopped to rest they couldn’t stop smiling.


It was a fun and blessed Labor Day… so for give my lateness… Happy Labor Day!

Summer Walk

As most of you know hubby and I love to find new places to take the dogs for a hike. On one of our explorations this summer we found a neat place to hike that even had an apple tree we could pick from…

Apples in skirt

Chase was especially interested in what was in mommy’s skirt…

Chase n apples 3

He took his time in checking it out…

Chas n apples 2

I think we have a good new walking spot that even provides dessert once we get home 😉

Rainy Day Walk…

We went on a walk in the rain yesterday… it was a cold day, but we all needed to get out to a new location and take a walk. Baxter was quite observant…

And Chase was running all over exploring…

We then came home to homemade turkey noodle soup I had made from leftover from thanksgiving. I included crusty garlic bread for the men 😉  It was yummy 🙂 I used gluten-free noodles so I could eat it too 🙂

Today was slightly warmer, but it is defiantly winter. The ladies are letting us know too as they are molting and only giving us about 2 eggs a day.

I feel bad for them… it can’t be fun to lose all your feathers when it is so cold, and the girl above is just starting some of her sisters are worse off. Poor things… but I miss my eggs too 😦 We have been giving them a little extra protein and treats to help them as well as putting on the light to help them warm up in the morning. They seem to like it as they stand under it and fluff what feather they have left. Lets hope this is over for them soon 🙂

After the hike…

A lovely sunset after a great hike… the dogs are tuckered out. The chickens are in bed… and I am heading to do some reading before sleep 🙂 Blessings 🙂

On the Rocks…

We have become a hiking family… whenever we can we hit the trails and explore. The pups are good at getting over the rocks and though tight spaces we have to walk in. We got a new pop up bowel for them to drink out of and our backpack holds enough water for up to a 2 hour hike. They are good company on the trails and sleep better when we get home. I hope the nice weather comes back so we can go hiking some more as we hate to hike when it is too hot as the pups can not enjoy it as much. We are trying to build up so we can tackle this really big hike up ‘old rag mountain’. My husband tackled it when he was younger and says it is a two-hour hike straight up. We will see if we get good enough this year 😉

In case you haven’t noticed…

In case you haven’t noticed I love my dogs. Each spring, summer, and fall I find a new love for them when we get to hike together. They make the trails safer and more fun. Since the weather has stayed nice this week we have hiked and gone to the river for Chase to swim a lot. The dogs have really gotten into hiking and even want to go off trail for some fun (if we would let them).  So here are some photos of the boys on a hike enjoying different views 🙂

Happy hiking this weekend 🙂

Hiking and Happiness

The weather this week has been beautiful. Even a little shower that lasted only a few minutes was nice.

Considering how hot it has been all summer this weather relief was very appreciated and allowed us to get a lot done outside as well as do some exercising. The boys have loved hiking with us this year as we are going farther, so much so some days they need to stop more than us.

We got a new pack this year so we can carry more water and their collapsible bowel, but they still like to drink from the streams when we come across them. This one park we went to has a beautiful view from the top of one of the trails.

The last two photos were taken from hubbys phone as I forgot my camera and it would have been hard to carry with the climb. I turned the photo of the dogs to sepia filter as I thought it looked neat. They were checking out the mile and a half trail we just walked straight up this mountain. It was a fun hike that we hope will get us in better shape 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

Roadside America

Have you ever been to…

It is a cute little Amish roadside place in Pennsylvania with a quaint little roadside shop (my husband loves the shoo fly pie there) and a miniature town museum. The museum I don’t have pictures of but you can check it out at . We have been to the museum and shop before, but on our trip we went into the shop again as hubby wanted a shoo fly pie as I had not made one in a while. If you are ever in that area it is a cute place to visit. Kids seem to like it 🙂 It reminds me of place my mom, dad, and I use to stop at when I was a kid. I always had so much fun at these random stops  🙂

The top of the Amish shop

Also on this trip we took a little walk and I saw this cool rock formation so I thought I would share.

I hope you all had a fun and happy week and I wish you a blessed week to come 🙂

Happy Hike

My blessing this week 🙂 We took the boys on a hike earlier this week up and around Little Round Top. They had a grand time and the weather was perfect… not too hot and a little breeze. A nice change from all the heat. The boys made some friends and got their picture taken a lot. I will share more of those later.

We always love a good hike and this is a trail Chase has not been on before (Baxter has) so it was fun for him. Baxter also seemed to enjoy the return trip, but they both just love to walk to begin with. Hope you got some nice weather to enjoy this week 🙂

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